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    Best Horror Movies (add your suggestions)

    Braindead is excellent, as is the Dawn Of The Dead remake. That was probably the best use of the Zombie format I've ever seen.
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    FREE Sci Fi/Horror Book 'The Stone Man' on Amazon (Rated 4.7 out of 5, 72 reviews)

    Hi guys, My horror/sci-fi novel 'The Stone Man' (rated 4.7 out of 5 with 72 reviews on Amazon UK) is FREE until Saturday on the Amazon Kindle UK and US sites. It was number one earlier this year on the free horror bestseller list, and number 14 in the paid horror bestseller list after that...
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    Best fantasy movies

    HTTYD was indeed a big surprise, especially after other Dreamworks garbage like Shrek 2 and 3. If you can include Sci Fi Fantasy I'd add Disney's Explorer's to the list. Young Ethan Hawke in such an excellent kids' film that (I thought this even as a kid) falls apart utterly in the last half...
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    Replying to spammy posts

    I just love my darts, man ;-)
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    Replying to spammy posts

    Nice one Sneaky, thank you. I've all over a few threads already; it's good site. Thanks for the advice mate.
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    Cell - Stephen King

    It's a not-bad popcorn book; basically the equivalent of a half-decent, fairly enjoyable horror film, but nothing special. However, the man has written some all-time classics, and is still churning out quality stuff, so I'd really give him another go.
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    Best Sci-Fi books about Time Travel

    Thief Of Time, whilst not specifically a time TRAVEL book, has some excellent ideas about manipulation of the time stream.
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    Replying to spammy posts

    When you say 'spam', does that include people like myself who would want to post that they had a book out? Or do you mean people just trying to list spam/scam websites?
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    How long does it take to write a book?

    Total spam listing. Disappointing.