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    June 2016 - What SF are you reading?

    Into the expanse series at the moment,took me a while getting to it,finished the third book and on to the next,fit in the syfy series as well. Fun read,popcorn adventur but I want to start A scanner darkly by Philip K Dick,try to squeeze it in. Piling on the must read book tower,list Sent from...
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    2016's What fiction or non-fiction book are you reading?

    Having a mini love affair with J.G Ballard's work(admittedly it was through Ian Curtis and joy division's music). Busy with Cocaine nights,surreal,out of time but strangely relevant with all the EU,Brexit turmoil. British expats in a tiny spanish coastal resort,using crime as a stimulant and...
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    June 2016: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    First time reading Mercedes Lackey in the Valdemar series,By the sword. Love a tale where there is a sword with hidden intentions,but the cover caught my attention first,its soooooo bad,that its laughably good. There is a horse/my little pony,playing peekaboo behind a dude with a axl rose does...
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    December 2015 - What Sci-Fi books are you reading?

    First time reading John Scalzi,android's dream..a couple of laughs here and there but enjoyable. Getting into some Ray Bradbury,today..overlooked his body of work,going to rectify that..scalzi's fart humour,sneeked in...rectify
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    November 2015 - What fantasy book are you reading?

    Almost done with the black magician trilogy,entertaining but it does seem like a filler between reads. Its lacking something,not sure what it is
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    November 2015 - What fantasy book are you reading?

    Halfway through Prince of thorns,Mark Lawrence..Jorg is such a prick,but enjoyable.
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    October 2015 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    Nearing the end of A dance with dragons,spent the better part of last month and October in Westeros and various other locales in Mr Martin's world,I wonder what the planet is called but after all that,have to start reading The name of the wind,its about time I get in on this,heard so much...
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    The Best TV Series!

    I really enjoyed Daredevil in a binge watch,I hope the second season keeps up the pace. Lately though,the best show,I only recently got into,The Flight of the much fun.
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    Describe your love life with a fantasy/sci-fi book titel

    The deadhouse gates
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    September 2015 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    Finally reached the final book in the dark tower series and halfway through,really exciting but I did get emotional..yes,I cried for a fictional character.
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    Which movie are you watching?

    Dune is a book that is my safety blanket but never watched the film adaptation but two nights ago,around 3am,got my chance and I really digged it. The rich visuals was spot on for me and its always going to be a tug of war between book and film but it was a fair attempt.
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    SF Reading in September, 2015

    At this stage,i'm open to anything but i'm contemplating another Robinson novel..I was just floored by him,this week. Keeping my options open though and watching this thread closely.
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    September 2015 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    Having a reread of ASOIAF,never got the chance to read a dance with dragons but its a habit of mine to start all over to get to that point of the story. I also want to read Mark Lawrence,sometime in this month. Always putting it off.
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    SF Reading in September, 2015

    Done with 2312..the most beautiful book i've read this year. Still awed but on to The Dancers at the end of time by Michael Moorcock,looks interesting and fun but still looking for a standalone scifi, to bridge the gap before diving into another series.
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    SF Reading in August 2015

    Finished Neuromancer,I know already I'm going to reread this again,so enjoyable. Busy with2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson,about a hundred pages in and its super intense terreforming tech is huge in scope,human life even on Mercury,so I hope it blows my mind.