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    Most annoying thing about fantasy

    Thanks for the welcoming hands/notes. I wish I had more time to read and comment. This discussion has stimulated my memory, and I did manage to look up and find some of my old documents regarding the Laws of Magic I wrote some 10 years ago. I have even added these revised notes to my website...
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    Self Publishing -- Ideas of a Site

    Btkong; I completed my first book about two years ago, and have tried to get it published in the standard manner - no luck. Then I though about self publishing and even looked into it for about 3 months, then I got promoted and my extra time vanished. Recently I put up my own site focused on...
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    Most annoying thing about fantasy

    It's not easy to develop a magical system that is vastly different from what already exist and still have it functional in a story. For most authors, magic is a tool, albeit sometimes a dull unpolished one. I got into writing fantasy after 20 years of Fantasy Role-playing and I feel that the...
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    How did you find out about bestfantasybooks?

    Organic Google Search - I'm an inspiring author myself and I like to see what is out there. Who knows, once I get the courage up, I may want to get some opinions here. Hovannes
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    Michael Moorcock Reprints EVERYTHING!

    Michael Moorcock, yep he is on my top 10 list. Based on this post, it may be time to re-read Elric, and then, have a look at some of these new prints. Thanks Hovannes
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    Fantasy with well developed magic system

    Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time, is one of my favorites as well. I get the feeling that you want to sink your teeth into something where the writer understands how magic actually works, at least within his own universe. Rituals, material components, projection of magical force, and how it is...