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    Anyone on goodreads?

    I've recently discovered Goodreads and spend a lot of time there. I think I prefer it to Amazon: the reviews on Amazon are very sales-motivated -- either strongly recommending or strongly against buying a book (depends if submitted by the author or a competitor). The reviews on Goodreads are...
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    Historical fiction

    You are correct! Somehow I thought there were only three. It's been years since I read those. This is good news for me though: lots more Sharpe.
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    Human Obsession With The End of The World.

    True. Also, it is not hard to imagine even today that humanity will construct a huge ion thruster at the equator which will fire once a day when facing the sun. Over thousands of years, this will slowly push earth's orbit away from the sun. In other words, by the time the surface of the sun...
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    What do you watch on TV?

    Glad to say I finally disconnected my TV and watch Netflix exclusively. They have all the shows I want, including most mentioned above. Not in real time, but then I'm a patient guy.
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    If You Could Only Ever.....................

    Why is listening to music an independent item? I like listening to music all the time, even when I do other things. So, my list would be: 1. Read and listen to music 2. Play video games and listen to music 3. Watch Netflix movies or TV shows (no waiting for your favorite show, no commercials)...
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    What Time are we in

    All of these titles are correct. That's why only posterity gets to name an age accurately: 1000 years from now, it will be much clearer which of these names applies to us best. This is like someone from the Bronze age saying, Wait a minute, we had much more going on than just bronze. Our answer...
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    Famous author Tom Clancy Passes.

    What did he die of? Sounds surprising that someone who could afford the best care in the world would die so young. On the other hand, richer people died younger (S. Jobs comes to mind), so being able to afford the best care doesn't mean much, does it?
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    Spoiler for the Bible?

    LOL. I'd add: Disappointed by the ending as Second Coming did not occur. Maybe in part 2?
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    The Hobbit

    Yes, I thought so too. It's even better than the book in some respect, because it's more humorous. The book's one failing is that it lacks humor. Seems like the movie corrected this, especially through the choice of the lead actor, who's a British comedian best known from The Office and a...
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    Spoiler for the Bible?

    If you had to write a review for the Bible that would contain a spoiler, what would that spoiler be?
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    Places Named After Works Of Fantasy

    Both Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean are named after the goddess Atlanta from the Greek mythology.
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    What superhero would you dress up as?

    The Invisible Man. ;-)
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    Human Obsession With The End of The World.

    Good observation. It comes from an overinflated sense of importance: the world has existed for billions of years, and yet I'm so important that there is no point for it to go on two minutes after I'm dead.
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    Best Fantasy Games

    I loved Quest for Glory 4. It's very old now, and I don't know if it's possible to play it again today (see my question above about Zelda). It was a great, imaginative game that really took you to another world. Many talking characters, many of them funny. You rarely see a game today with a...
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    Best Fantasy Games

    I always wanted to play the Legend of Zelda but somehow never got around to it. Do you know if it's still available in a PC format that can be played today (XP, Win 7)? I don't mind that it's old: I'd rather have a good game with low-res graphics than a boring no-plot with state of the art HD.