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    The worst cliches in fantasy literature..?

    A cliche I really hate is: Mystic fighting monks!!! Which goes like this: -Our hero meets a wizened old monk of oriental origin. -This wizened geezer beats the crap out of our hero with fancy martial arts. -This mystic monk then teaches our hero some fancy hand to hand combat techniques...
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    The worst cliches in fantasy literature..?

    IT makes sense if you have actually ever met people who have been raised without education in some remote corners of the world. The do indeed have much troube getting the message across, because they have so limited vocabulary. Struggling to form sentences. I mean no offence, but that's how...
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    Halo books?

    Tried the comic but found it very bad. -I do not much like the games either, but I do like the story. Have not read the books, though, because to me the story, and history of the halo universe is better to enjoy in a form of cut scenes in the games.
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    The worst cliches in fantasy literature..?

    Eloquency of the heroes! I mean how can people that grew up in a farm, and had nos schooling whatsoever, be so well spoken and eloquent and verbally talented???
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    Your favourite animal character in fantasy literature?

    Never liked aslan much. To me he is just an oversized fleabag! But here's a question: could aslan take down a dragon (from Forgotten Realms)?
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    The worst cliches in fantasy literature..?

    clicheed clothes!!! -I mean, for example, why all wizards have to wear colourful robes??? -It makes no sense, especially since the enemy archers can then spot the wizard mile off. -Why cannot a wizard wear trousers and padded jacket like the rest of the troupe? ANd why barbarians always wear...
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    Your favourite animal character in fantasy literature?

    So! What is your favourite animal character in fantasy. I mean a named animal, for example, the lion Aslan, or the dog Gaspode (from Discworld) Tell your favourites! Wether monsters are animals too, I leave for you to decide... -But I suppose a dragon is an animal, when all is said...
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    The worst cliches in fantasy literature..?

    What about teleports and dimensional gates, just when the character has to travel to the other side of the continent??? I mean the writer is so lazy, he just makes up a teleport, instead of doing it the long way and making the characters travel by land to their destination. And every author...
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    The worst cliches in fantasy literature..?

    So! In your opinion, what are the worst cliches in fantasy literature. -the sort that make you grind your teeth when you come across them in yet another fantasy trilogy! Let some steam out and tell (whine) us all about them! *************** For me, the worst cliche is the...
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    Baldurs Gate

    Sounds great! -I just hope they use ADD 2nd edition rules on the game as they did on the original. -I mean current DD rules are a bit silly, with dwarves able to cast magic (what?) and halflings able to become barbarians (you what?). Not kidding. they really have let the Dungeons and Dragons...
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    Warhammer 40K

    I love 40K literature! DAn Abnett is surely good, especially his earlier books. Nowadays he tends to get a bit weird... Horus Heresy series is brilliant. Most books very good there. Sandy Mitchell's ciaphas cain novels are absolute blast! Very very funny indeed. You can get them in omnibus...
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    The Legend of Eli Monpress

    Personally I had not even heard about Eli before joining this forum couple days before. However, I've seen many references to the series already here, so I suppose it must be worth checking out! Or not!
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    Your favorite fantasy "Troll"

    Great topic. I think too that good fantasy book needs a troll in the mix. Someone who jokes and makes cracks about the other characters all the time. From top of my head I'd go for Tasslehoff Burrfoot from DL books. He really can make enemies angry with his banter! There are other great...
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    The best thief in fantasy literature?

    I think Jimmy the Hand is my choise. -because he is not superhuman or loaded with special gear. He is just your regular bloke, and very likeable as well. as an aside I really dislike Raymond E Feist's latests books. His older books are so much better.
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    Ever fallen in love with a character from a fantasy book!?!

    I totally get you, because I've played that game as well (and a great game it is!). Personally I preferred the bard girl though...