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    I'm an author and I'm new to the site. Hello to all!

    Welcome :) Author of what book?
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    It's August 2017. What fantasy books are you reading?

    I'm just beginner, I finish short book The Hobbit, or There and Back Again and now read The Witcher of Sapkowsky
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    I was a d3 fan, but then I met PoE and I prefer the Path of Exile. I played Diablo 3 when the necromancer came out, of course I had to pay for it ... Diablo 3 is too easy for me, you walk and push 1-2-3-4 in different order. Nothing more. I had some fun with looking for Cosmic Wings, but it...
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    For Honor

    Great game, and what I most like is dificulty level. It's not so easy to play The only game I prefer from the easy Path of Exile (PoE)