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    Best Fantasy Books Blog

    I think it's time to move to some forum where people don't judge you for everything you say.
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    What are you reading?

    Yeah, I still like it. :)
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    Are we nerds?

    Oh wow, now that's personal.
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    What are you reading?

    I have been reading The Passage I really like it.
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    Opinions on Laurell K Hamilton?

    HeHe, I wouldn't be in your skin Jon.
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    I like *this* so recommend me.....

    They will film some scenes for the third season in your country right?
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    My name is Jon Snow and I'm addicted to buying Hardcover books.

    First visit this site http://www.emptymirrorbooks/collecting/firstedition-values.html There are so many things to consider otherwise you'll just buy a very expensive used book. But, I guess it's about you and how much it's worth to you, right?
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    I like *this* so recommend me.....

    Check out Sci-Fi Forum I'm sure you'll find something good to read there. Sorry I have nothing.
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    Help me find an outrageously fantastic fantasy book to read to my darling

    Ayreos, do some research on these books. People on this forum read really heavy stuff, and their twisted black humor (I mean this as a compliment) may not be something your other half likes. Books that you have read so far they read them to their kids. If you have something specific in mind...
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    Malazan reading order, when should I read this and how does this compare to that?

    NOW that I'm almost done reading Erikson's books you are telling me I should read ICE too? But so many people complained about his writing, many said his books are inferior and some of the Erikson's characters are wrong in his hands. I dismissed them completely because I thought reading them...
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    Your worst read this year?

    You'll change your mind when you come across a cackling evil chicken.
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Great, can we talk horror now? I have been reading The Malazan series, after that I would like to try horror. I like the sound of The Passage and also Sidra got interesting recs, I don't know where to start. What would you recommend?
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Of course they are.
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Come in, there is plenty of room you can move right in. Just don't touch my stuff.;)
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Sidra I've been eagerly waiting for your list.=DDDDD