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    Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond

    This is good stuff. As a result I have removed the book from Amazon and will take your points on board. Although your comments about character development appear relevant, there is plot and setting later in the book. Not sure if you got past the prologue, which to be fair does not set the tone...
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    Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond

    Thanks. That's a good point. Your probably right about the spaces. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
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    GTA V. Anyone got it?

    Yes, had it a few weeks but can't get time to play. It is immense tho! (Though still prefer Skyrim)
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    What do you watch on TV?

    True Blood Dexter (just finished for good ) Walking Dead GOT Great British Bake-off The Apprentice The Office And of course, The Inbetweeners (UK version not lame US)
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    I just read a good book:The Forging

    Putting aside the dos and fonts of soliciting marketing from this forum, the bit I read on Amazon seemed interesting. Certainly better than some of the other crap at the top of the charts through traditional publishing houses. Their a hard bunch this lot, but they grow on you (like moss).
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    October - What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    The Blade Itself and its not very good....
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    Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond

    Re table of contents, What like the Hobbit? Which is at the bottom of your post? Thanks though.
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    Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond

    Whatever you like. It's obviously bad news if you've not got any further! LOL
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    Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond

    Thanks. I'm ready for some quite damning feedback methinks but I'll not get any better otherwise.
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    Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond

    Contrary to most of the advice I have had on this forum, I have finally self published my first book; A Taste of Freedom (The Seven Souls Trilogy) I now take a big step out into the unknown and make you, my learned friends aware of it. Any constructive comments are gratefully received. (I'm...
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    Self Publishing -- Ideas of a Site

    btkong I think that the most important thing is to control the volume. Most current sites allow you to upload your own book without any real prior site history. Maybe a credit system based on reviews linked to how much text you can upload might work. There should be an editorial review by some...
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    How Many of you Draw?

    I draw using my iPad these days but also use pencil or pens sometimes. Can't paint to save my life though. Everything goes wet and gooey! Mainly draw fantasy art for my books but also have done some stuff for the house. I find it relaxing unlike writing which can be much more stressful but...
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    I read them and absolutely loved them. Wasn't it Matheus or something? In fact, Ken Follet Pillars of the Earth and World without End put me in mind of adult versions. Might read it again myself.
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    Redwold, a book of high fantasy

    Haha. Then you'll have plenty of time to get many books out!
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    Redwold, a book of high fantasy

    There are some amazing artists on deviantart and a great critique system. Personally I prefer elfwood and have posted a couple of my distinctly amateur efforts there (incl my avatar to the left). Do you have a website alucard? I'd love to see your work. (Promise I won't critique it!! Haha)