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    Describe your love life with a fantasy/sci-fi book titel

    Sometimes I feel it's like this: The Wise Man's Fear Going Postal The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde I, Robot ...without the intelligence and emotional capacity. Mr. Man needs to be The Lord of the Rings so I can quit being The Dispossessed. :D
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    Little men with pointy ears

    Yes, yes. Looks interesting. I will definitely look into this. :)
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    Are you a crafty person?.. then show off your work!

    I've actually only started to document the stuff I do. I mean, I'm a photographer, and that is in itself documentation. But I'm awful at documenting my work. Often the stuff I do is just small, crafty things that I don't even think of needing any documentation. Recently though I've been into...
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    September 2015 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    I just finished the first book. I really do like it and plan to continue on. I guess it was just different from what I am used to, yanno? I do like juxtaposition of the characters who actually have dimension to their emotions and personalities and of the characters who are basically static. I...
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    September 2015 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    Finished The Crippled God during the car ride to and from South Dakota. I hate to admit it, but I kind of thought the ending was a bit lackluster. I started Assassin's Apprentice. At first I thought it was interesting. After a while the scenarios just seem redundant. Or maybe it's the emotion...
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    That's just the letters of my full name mashed together. My first name is Randi. Not short for anything, that's all there is. So that's what I meant in my post. Haha. I forgot I didn't put that out there. Sorry. Oh! And thanks. They are some handsome kitties. :p
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    August 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    Egads! The blasphemy! ;)
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    Upcoming Releases (Film & TV)

    My favourite. I looooved this intro. It makes me feel better about my dancing skills, or lack of. Gah! The girl, and the flare, and it's throwback to movie numero uno. I about flipped my lid in excitement. :p It may just be me, but it kind of seems that what happens to Matt Damon's...
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    So, I've just discovered this thread and feel the need to introduce my fur-babies. Here goes.. Johnny, the tan one, is the oldest. He's the Big Boss of the house. Lucy, the black/brown one with the messed up eye, is a couple of weeks younger than John. She's stupid. Not in a bad way or...
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    Fantasy races

    Honestly, it seems the characters that usually end up being my favourites are humans. More relatable in some situations? Maybe. My unanalytical answer: dragons. Does that count? Is that a race? o_O
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    August 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    @Khartun : That was an amazing link! Super helpful. I wish I had known about it ages ago! I know it was meant for Hand of Fear up there, but thanks anyways. :)
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    The travel thread

    Hm..I'd have never even considered that. Thanks for the suggestion. Oh, and why does the food suck?
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    The travel thread

    I'm going to be traveling to South Dakota to go camping for a week in a few days. Nothing fancy or anything and I've been there before. It's just going to be really nice to have an extended period of time away from everything in Indiana. Buuut! Possibly this winter or next year, depending...
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    Would you agree that the Shannara series...

    Wow. That's pretty damn intense. I don't think I can get past this to read the rest of the thread. :P
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    Hardbacks or paperbacks?

    Paperback, for sure. I've been made aware that I'm constantly moving the left side of the book in a wave-like motion, and I've realized that if I can't do that I get a little frustrated. Plus they are just nice and compact and can fit in my purse...usually. And they don't have those awful...