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    August 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    About 200 pages into Gardens of the moon and loving it. I am slow with physical books as I have little time, so I tend to stick to audiobooks. That glossary is necessary though, so I'm glad I went with the paperback. Also listening to (and alternating between) dragonbone chair and white night...
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    June 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    Managed to finish bleak seasons. Probably my least favorite black company to date but it was ok. Made a start on the ember in the ashes audiobook. About 1/6 into it and so far so good. I love the two viewpoints, which are handled nicely by two narrators reading it. Bit childish in places, but...
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    June 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    I'm jealous, I have to wait until Thursday for the audiobook I've pre-ordered. Really looking forward to it. I finished Mazerunner. Interesting, but unoriginal plot, but the writing is attrocious. You'd think, given that there are only 6 characters who have a voice in the story, at least one...
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    The Skull Throne

    I wouldn't say I feel strongly about it either. Was just personally bored throughout the middle, but the ending was good enough to redeem it somewhat. Books 2 and 3 were redeemed by good back story about jardir and inevra. If I felt so strongly, I guess I wouldn't have continued with it... I...
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    Any questions for Mark Lawrence?

    I think it's an irish thing, whatever you do, don't watch father ted!
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    The Skull Throne

    5/10 from me, and that is due to the action packed final chapters would have been lower if not for that redeeming it abit. I will be finishing the series, but not with high hopes.
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    The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan

    8/10 for me too. Thoroughly enjoyable, but too many loose ends that I was Sure they would tie up. The 2nd book was the best of the 3
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    Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

    I have to say, I thought it was as good as steelheart personally. Probably a 7.5 for enjoyment alone. If I was using key elements such as prose etc it would probably get a 6.5, but my enjoyment wins with this one.
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    The Vagrant by Peter Newman

    7/10 is about right I think. The more I reflect, the more I like it, but the ending was underwhelming
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    Half The World by Joe Abercrombie

    I'm going with a 9, relative to the target audience
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    The shadow of what was lost - James Islington

    Thanks for the recommendation. Michael Kramer is a favourite of mine, so always a plus. I have added it to my wishlist, although it may take a while, I have an 80 audiobook backlog at the moment...all these damned sales audible do keep reeling me in. Bought 3 today in their 80% off 10th birthday...
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    June 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    I think the end of elantris helped with my enjoyment. The battle was really entertaining. It just took so damn long to get there I haven't tried the Alcatraz books, I was worried they would be too childish. Are they aimed at the same audience as harry potter? (which I actually enjoyed...)
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    June 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    Was struggling with bleak seasons (black company #7) on audiobook. Nothing was happening and the narrator is really slow, so I made a start on Maze Runner. Very derivative so far. Bit of hunger games meets Cube (that awesome Sci Fi film). I'm enjoying it. Very easy going
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    June 2015 - What fantasy books were we reading?

    I read that one recently - the end is awesome
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    I just bought...

    We don't really have any specific charity book shops, but each will have a small selection. My dedication obviously paid off this time, so I will make sure to poke my head in each time.