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    Rarity from the Hollow Available for Critique

    Hi, Available Free for Honest Review but please read this post fully so that it's a good fit to your interests and comfort zones: Please consider reviewing Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, an adult social science fiction novel published by a traditional small press. The second...
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    Cheep Used and New Book Sites

    I ordered a great sounding book from Lulu but it took over two weeks to arrive and I was already involved with another series. Still haven't read the one from Lulu.
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    Free Indie Ebooks

    That Book Shelf Bitch blog is going to have a giveaway of Rarity from the Hollow very soon. The Booklover Catlady blog just had one and there were six winners of eBooks in any format. If you live in the U.K., you could win a paperback.
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    Fantasy book with skeleton army from 70s

    I'm thinking about starting at the beginning with Piers Anthony novels.
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    Describe your love life with a fantasy/sci-fi book titel

    Fahrenheit -451 (yes, that's a minus sign)
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    "In a nutshell"

    Personally, I'm not sure anybody is in a position to say "what if..." or "if they..." with respect to the Middle East mess. There's enough blame to go around that if everybody took a fair share there would be plenty leftover.
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    Rarity from the Hollow available for crtique

    This novel, sometimes referred to as science fiction, sometimes fantasy, sometimes cross-genre, is available for critique. It is to be reprinted sometime in July 2015, so now would be a perfect time to make any changes. Thanks. Also, I love to read, but I am very honest. It you have something...