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    Bye for now, BFB.

    I come back here to see what’s happening and I get this awful news! Bummer.
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    2017 Reading Challenge?

    How many times have you read it now? I can picture the tattered book on the nightstand! I can't believe you'd part with it.
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    Dads Inc.

    That looks a bit like my garage. ^^ :shy:
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    It's September 2017 - What SF books are you reading?

    most I almost started that just a couple of days ago. My local library system has it in ebook format. I chose Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson instead. So, I'm twenty percent into Red Mars and completely engrossed. I guess I was in the mood for some "hard" science fiction.
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    Ah, damn. I guess I got lost in the new introductions. Tarja Turunen is equally awesome. Yay for Finland! By far my two favorite singer/ song writers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yay for the Netherlands ! Sharon Den Adel !!! Love that lady. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dads Inc.

    Well done @TomTB. The bookshelf looks great, but I was distracted by the unbelievably cute child. Well done on that as well!
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    July 2017: What SF books are you reading?

    Nice, it's one of my favorites as well. Coincidentally, I'm currently reading The Rise of Endymion. Typically excellent, and long winded Dan Simmons.
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    Sounds great! The forcast here for Saturday is typical for this time of year. Overcast and 56 deg. F (13C). I'll be naked under a layer of wool. A thin, single layer though. Maybe I'll roll up the sleeves a bit.
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    Black Company adaptation in the works

    Nice! Only took me 40 years... As far as The Lady goes. Any beautiful young actress would work for the early scenes when we first meet her, but someone older with a different kind of beauty for the later scenes would be better . Most importantly though a quality actress. The Lady is one of my...
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    What are you reading?

    I loved The Terror. I agree with @Silvion Night it's a perfect book for just after the holidays, when the newness of winter is over, and there's still months of cold and dark to look forward to. Also, scurvy would be a horrible way to die.
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    The Once and Future King: Just a general forum

    I have fond memories of those books. The first book is just like the Disney movie of the same name. I loved it when I was a kid. The third and fourth books we're my favorites though. The Ill Made Knight, and A Candle in the Wind. Emotionally heavy books, but very well written. I'd like to read...
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    May 2017: What SF books are you reading?

    Hi folks. I'm reading Zoe's tale. Book 4 of John Scalzi's Old Man's War series. I really enjoyed the first 3 books, but decided to take a break from the series due to book 4 being the same story as book 3 just from a different POV. I thought it was a bad idea. a series killer perhaps. I'm about...
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    It's January 2017. What fantasy book(s) are you reading?

    I'm half way through The Red Knight. It's okay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk