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    February 2016 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    I am reading Dresden Files: Ghost Story and almost done listening to Dresden Files: Side Jobs. Nope, I don't have a problem.
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    Corpse Cold by Allan Batchelder

    Here is my review and I rated it 8.5/10. This series is an amazing series that deserves to be read. I read quite a bit and mostly fantasy and this is really better than some of the main stream books that are out there. I think his dialogue is quite literally some of the best i have read and can...
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    Who wants to trade books? (published authors only)

    And if you want a thread to die, like you say you do, then let it die. Don't keep posting to it and bringing it back up. And rating people's posts also brings it back up, I don't even think I had been in this thread until you rated my post dumb.
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    Who wants to trade books? (published authors only)

    My 2 cents is to go to another forum. You are rude and all you have done is whine and cry like a spoiled BRAT!
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    The Official Beer Thread, with your Host, Bierschneeman for those that think America doesn't make good beer.
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    Harry Potter 8 - to be released this summer

    I have no interest in screenplays. If they make a new novelization I will by it day 1 though.
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    I just bought...

    I wish I were rich. I would have a room full of limited editions, illustrated, and signed books. Every time I go to buy one I find myself going "I could buy this illustrated book OR I could buy 4 other books". Guess what I choose.
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    Good audio book recomendations

    Masters does an incredible job on Dresden. It is by far my favorite audio books.
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    Wheel of Time - Gearing for Disappointment...

    I read them and I don't regret it. It does drag for a while but not so bad as to make me regret it and I will probably do a re-read at some point.
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    February 2016 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    I think Ben really liked Red Rising. It is on my TBR pile but that doesn't necessarily mean I will get to it this decade. The book size and feel of the paper make it look like a YA book.
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    February 2016 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    :confused::confused::confused:I think that gave me a headache.
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    Things that irk you that shouldn't

    I just want to say that I will eat an ibis. I have no idea what it is or why I shouldn't eat it. But if it is on my plate, and dead by no fault of my own, I see no reason for it to go to waste.
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    Facial hair - the beard and mustache thread

    I have a goatee but I can grow pretty much whatever I choose and often have a couple days stubble to go with it.
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    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    I'm watching Lonesome Dove. It is almost as good as the book and I think the actors did a superb job bringing them to life.
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    February 2016 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    I am also listening to Side Jobs and as I'm sure most of you know it is a book of sorry stories about Dresden and while it isn't as good as a full novel, I enjoy it because a lot of these Butcher took the short stories as a way to explore parts that he couldn't in other ways like Thomas and the...