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    It's May 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    Slow... ponderous, and aimless more like. For some reason I thought about The Princess Bride before I finally gave up on Bridge of Birds. I felt as though Bridge of Birds was trying desperately be that quirky, touching fable you read and never forget. Unfortunately it fails miserably in every...
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    Censorship warning: Lefties putting pressure on book stores to remove certain authors books

    I'm totally okay with the aforementioned writers being banned from bookstores, except perhaps Torgersen as I've not read him. I did however google his name, and I don't like the look of the man. Seems kind of shifty to me.
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    I Challenge You!

    That chip is waaaaaaaay out of my league. I once took a bite of a scotch bonnet pepper and I really thought I was going to pass out from the pain. It was so bright and orange, a cheery little vegetable that I was told, erroneously as it seems, that it was a little hotter than "the peppers they...
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    What would you like to see less of in fantasy books?

    I'll second that! I've completely lost interest in the Harry Dresden series, in no small part due to Butcher's schoolboy humor and lame pop culture references. Not only do I not play video games, I HATE STAR WARS!
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    Artemis by Andy Weir

    Hi Alucard!:) My gut feeling is that Weir spent years on, 'The Martian'... it was sort of his baby, and it shows. It was an excellent Hard Science Fiction story, and I guess I was expecting Artemis to be something akin to it. I'll just have to settle into the story and listen to it on its own...
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    Aargghh...that mustache!

    Did they stick to the book, or spice it up some? I'm just thinking that it's not the best book to adapt to the big screen, especially for modern moviegoers who expect lots of explosions.
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    Artemis by Andy Weir

    I'm about two hours into the audiobook and, thus far, it's not even a fun read. I know I'm just getting into the meat of the story, but predictable it is, and a bit cheesy.
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    Audiobook Narrator Question

    Here's a better place to find talent... Everything is in-house, very professional and friendly, and at a reasonable cost.
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    Audiobook Narrator Question

    What you should do is hit, and as it were... shop for voices. Do that, and also visit sites like and see what strikes your fancy. Once you have three narrators at the top of your list; pick a chapter from your book that you're fond of and let each narrator take a stab at...
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    2017's What fiction or non-fiction book are you reading?

    Pale Rider, by Laura Spinney. An historical account of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918/19, better known as, though completely inaccurate... "The Spanish Flu". Makes the Black Death seem like a tea party. They still don't know exactly how it mutated so quickly, and why it attacked people in...
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    What would you like to see less of in fantasy books?

    There's an interesting passage in an article I read last year as to how we see foreigners, how we've always looked down our nose at cultures different than our own... it was an account of an emissary for a wealthy Chinese merchant. It records his first contact with Scandinavian traders on the...
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    What would you like to see less of in fantasy books?

    1. Dragons 2. White guys thrashing about with swords. 3. Elves, vampires, zombies, and cruel overlords. 4. Magical jewelry. 5. Stories with little to no thematic purpose and having no literary merit. 7. Stories either set in, or evoking England! 8. A super secret government agency charged with...
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    The Dark Tower trailer

    Yikes! Dreadful! If someone hadn't told be it was The Dark Tower, I would not of recognized any of the characters. Yet another movie adaption of Stephen King's work bites the dust.
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    Audiobooks with a cast

    Just about any full cast production from the BBC is great. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is still my favorite BBC audio performance... a close second is Lord of the Rings.
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    Star Wars episode 8: the Last Jedi

    Why won't they just let Star Wars die a dignified death. It's dreadful, silly Space Opera.