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    December 2015 - What Sci-Fi books are you reading?

    I just finished the Dispossessed and wow that was amazing. such a classic!
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    December! What fantasy books are you reading?

    I don't know but the skulduggery pleasant series looks kind of awesome now that you have informed me of its existence so I'm gonna read it thanks, lol
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    Nightglory Review

    I always thoughts it was Golden slaughter because that's scarier/cooler but now you have me questioning my interpretation lol. She doesn't seem like the joking type though and mostly cackles.
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    Nightglory Review

    What a great story! Lol I'm not much of a reviewer but want to share. Nightglory is a fantasy novel by Mathew Babaoye about an immortal Queen of Night, hot and powerful and wicked and all that, who rules a hidden magical land of treachery. First of all I read the book solely for this main...
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    In search for humorous fantasy/sci-fi novels..

    These are the only ones Ive read but I recommend the Tales of the Ketty Jay the most. It's super fun and funny like Firefly.
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    Good book to film adaptations?

    Whaaaa a black and white call of Cthulhu? I must see this mwuhahaha!
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    Amazon opens its first physical book shop

    Seems nice but I'm just way too lazy nowadays to actually physically buy a book in person lol.
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    November 2015 - What fantasy book are you reading?

    Yep I've been reading this one too and its pretty good and I'm also getting into some more books that are more old wyrd and fae and stuff like that lol. Tis the witching season ;)
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    Amazon suing fake review sellers

    Maybe but my personal reviews are short, lol. Goodreads has better reviews than Amazon anyway too.
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    Book recommendation

    This post is all you need yep!
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    Slightly odd...

    Malazan sure sounds weird when things are described like that.
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    Übermensch: Review

    Finished. It started different and wasn’t sure where it was going then it really got thrilling and stayed that way to the end. I couldn’t find anything online about a sequel but it said the author will be releasing a fantasy novel next month? Pretty cool, variety is nice.
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    Übermensch: Review

    Nice review. Ok checked it out on kindle store and looks good so will try it out, thanks.
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    Name of the Wind gets TV/Movie Deal

    That would be crazy tv but I would watch it for sure.
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    Anaimon: The Starfall

    I tried to find you on Amazon to read a sample but didn't see it. How do I sample your book?