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    The Showcase - Book display of our very own BFBF Indie Authors

    I updated my post as I now have a second book coming out. :)
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    Bye for now, BFB.

    Understandable. I'll give you a follow on twitter (and if anyone wants to keep up with me, my twitter is @QuillofAdal).
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    Pat Rothfuss's blog

    There does seem to be some links between creativity and mental illness in various forms. Added to that, writing can be a very solitary task, leaving you spending hours on your own, inside your own head. Added to that, you inevitably put so much of your self-worth into your work, rejection or...
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    BFB Twitter Users

    Oh that's you! I did notice a rather unusual account following me. If anyone else wants weird stuff in their feed, I'm @QuillofAdal
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    2017 Writing Resolutions

    Ah, it's very different from my main book series (single protagonist, limited narrative perspective, unreliable narrator and such), so I've been keeping it quiet until I felt it was finished and turned out the way it should. Now I just gotta figure out what to do with it next...
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    2017 Writing Resolutions

    Indeed. It's in the first editing stage at my beta readers, so I've slowly started work on the third book of the series as well.
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    2017 Writing Resolutions

    I forgot I posted a resolution here until I saw this thread pop up. I'm glad to say that my resolution held; I finished the draft of the sequel in my series last year as intended. I even started another book near the end of the year (much shorter, standalone, inspired by Arabian Tales), which I...
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    Criticisms and Commentary, or Being Suplexed by Readers

    The first thing to do is always judge whether the critique is relevant. Critique might come from a subjective standpoint, i.e. it doesn't mean the book is bad, just that the reader's idiosyncrasies meant they didn't enjoy it. If I feel the critique isn't about my book, but about the reader, I...
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    Article by Ada Palmer on Structure

    I think that's true; "pacing" is something that writers rarely talk much about (in comparison to the big three for fantasy, plot, characters, setting), but I see it relatively often mentioned by reviewers; there's usually at least some mention of whether the pacing was fast, slow, off etc. I...
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    Post-Disaster First Chapters

    That's very true; in my current work, my protagonist is out of prison by page 2, and I don't try to make any kind of fake tension about it. Readers are smarter than that. In any case, I don't see any trouble with you starting your stories post-disaster. I'm quite a fan of it myself, obviously...
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    Post-Disaster First Chapters

    I've never thought about this angle of approach to first chapters before, but it's interesting to consider, now that you've got the ball rolling. I think I have the same tendency as you, that is, beginning the story with the aftermath of something happening (The Eagle's Flight opens up a few...
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    Dungeon Crawlers

    Some months ago, I read The Dwarf King's Quest, which is a very old-school dungeon crawl. Nothing more, nothing less. I mentioned it already on this site a while back, but I hope I'll be excused to link to my site again, where I interviewed the author; it's just easier, as I explain what the...
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    Article by Ada Palmer on Structure

    I'm not sure how "structured" I am in my approach to writing a book, but I certainly give some consideration to these aspects. What she calls structure, I think I tend to conceive of as pacing - the different beats of the story. Both in larger terms (dividing the book into sections that each...
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    Looking for a good quest adventure with monsters

    I recently read The Dwarf King's Quest, which is exactly what you ask for and nothing more. I interviewed the author on my blog, which can give you an idea of the book. It also has links to where you can buy it...
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    Next Book for me to read + review

    That is easily done by simply linking to the showcase thread in the top post/poll next time around.