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    The Chosen Boy in a House of Darkness is proof that God's miracles

    The spiel says "will move you to tears." Well I can certainly vouch for that, I was already feeling teary having read it, but I'm not sure it is for the reasons the author wishes. ;)
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    Wizards Novel- Kindle free book promotion

    "Asian Butterfly Seeks Readership" sounds like a nasty porn pickup line....I did read 'relationship' the first time around eh? I think I need to get reading glasses, not a good sign.
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    How do you feel about free books?

    While free books are frowned upon by many readers, the numbers don't bear out the idea that free books are ignored. I can say from personal experience that my one free ebook is downloaded far more than any of my other books. It is in the thousands, whether many of those people are reading it at...
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    I want to make a mailing list

    Thanks for that Sneaky, I am familiar with that service and so far it seems to be the cheapest one available. And yes, the ability to self remove from the email list is a big plus. I was really hoping to find a service for small time emailers like me that might be free. Seems to me so many...
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    I want to make a mailing list

    So I have been researching the do's and don'ts on mailing lists and wanting to create one but haven't found a good format to start with. Does anyone know of a good simple way to make this happen? Who provides a good mail service that allows blanket emails to be sent out? I'm a little bit at sea...
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    Sales numbers and advertising

    So I did an advertising campaign for a book of mine reaching about 60K people on Twitter in February with mixed results. I then changed the imagery and edited contents of another book last month and guess what? The old copy is still up and for no reason at all it did over 2000 downloads in one...
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    All good points so far and worthy of consideration. Another method you may wish to consider is look at the real people in your life and how they interact with each other, especially those that stand out not just because they may have great personalities but also those that don't get along with...
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    Nightclans new edition

    Hi all, I have been working hard on updating the interior of my story Nightclans and since it has been heavily edited I decided it deserved a new cover too. Have a look and tell me what you think. :)
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    Technical grammar question

    Okay, thanks guys for the general consensus, I am not going to be using capitalizing of the word in my books. The word isn't used often, but hey, I want to get it right nonetheless, cheers and thanks!
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    Technical grammar question

    Hey all, I have been grinding away on editing and having my books edited for the last few weeks. It is why I have been so quiet, ten hour days are kicking my ass. Anyway, I have a question that I know you can all answer, this is something that is simple and yet my foggy brain isn't working on...
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    The future of fantasy

    Oh man, you are distracting me from writing my Pulitzer prize winning enovel, sheesh.
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    Character Development Against Action

    See here is the thing, writing is a highly subjective art, it matters not what others think if you are writing how you want and you find it fulfilling. Arguments can be made for both lines of thought. And no matter which way you write it, if you are successful in marketing the book you WILL find...
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    The Chronicles of....

    I think the opening scene in such a book will show our Chronicling hero having a chronic case of Chronicleitus. Having chronicled too many chronicles, he will be all chronicled out. Can the art of Chronicling be perpetuated? Will the chroniclers die out leading to a loss of chronicling of the...
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    Never Again List

    Well I am going to add my five cents worth here, these two are jsut off the top of my head but i am sure I will think of others later, 1. L. Ron. Hubbard. I tried reading his decalogy when I was much younger and gave up after book three and the only reason I got that far is because I though...
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    The Chronicles of....

    Yeah I'm going to announce another pet peeve. I have been scrolling through the list of titles on Amazon and I would have to say 'Chronicles of' is probably the most common word used of all. So instead of bitching about the overuse of this word I have instead decided to pay homage to it. I shall...