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  1. Danica

    It's February 2018: What fantasy books are you reading?

    Finished The Hanging Tree by Aaronovitch. I forgot how quickly things wrap up in the end. The last 50 pages fly by. What I really like so far is that each book Grant doesn’t really ‘level up’ like Dresden did. I can’t see him becoming over powered and Aaronovitch needing bigger badder monsters...
  2. Danica

    Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive 3) by Brandon Sanderson

    I am struggling. I’ve been reading every night and the better part of the weekend but Shallan is so annoying I can barely get through her chapters. Too much politics and not enough moving the story forward. I’m beginning to remember why epic fantasy isn’t really my thing.
  3. Danica

    It's 2018!! January 2018. What fantasy books are you reading?

    It turns out what my fantasy reading life needed was a sticky beak at Jon Snow’s bookshelf. I read The Last Policeman and really enjoyed it! I’m now reading Traitors Blade by Sebastien De Castell (this time literally taken from Jon’s hands as he exited the bookstore; there was only one copy)...
  4. Danica

    American Gods

    Hey @Ser Pounce I'm about to write up a blog on the eps. Can I quote you?
  5. Danica

    May 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

    Red Sister by Mack Lawrence. Sister Tallow,"I will teach you how to make the fuckers bleed" <- I've missed you fantasy! The genre where this is normal nun like behaviour.
  6. Danica

    PC Peter Grant wants YOU to read The Hanging Tree

    Mine is saying pre order for Nov WTF!
  7. Danica

    Need bookclub book

    I went to a real life book club with only people over 50 and they read The Night Circus so that would be interesting one. Neverwhere would be better though I think, it's just as interesting but better written.
  8. Danica

    Game of Thrones Season 6 (spoilers)

    NOOO!!! I just read the comment !!! I forgot it was Monday and I haven't seen that ep :(
  9. Danica

    Fantasy: what kind of reading pleasure?

    Adventure. I can have my own adventures, and I have, but not as often and as vastly different as the ones I can devour in a book while avoiding my life's responsibilities.
  10. Danica

    May 2016: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    I am, but I did need the break, it's very easy to read. I wanted something a little less easy. Book 3 is a good place to take the break.
  11. Danica

    May 2016: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    Great minds ey @afa
  12. Danica

    Where are fantasy tropes in our real life?

    Haha your wife must be amazing!
  13. Danica

    Lucifer- loosely based on The Sandman by Gaiman

    I have no idea how loosely or otherwise the show is based on the comics because I haven't read the comics. I do however watch the show and love it! Maybe it's the british accent, the attractive lead characters and the dry humour of Lucifer, but I just love the premise too! Anyone else...
  14. Danica

    Game of Thrones Season 6 (spoilers)

    loving this season! It's funny how you mentioned the boobs, it was the same scene as the penis shot. I was like um wtf? funny how desensitised I am to naked ladies but an eye full of some dude's junk made me laugh aloud (I'm so mature).
  15. Danica

    Where are fantasy tropes in our real life?

    I thought about these as I was driving to a new place today. You know how super old characters (hundreds to thousands) in books always are really rich? All the really old characters in the 3 books I've read of the Iron Druid series are very wealthy. My thought was, no wonder it's accepted as...
  16. Danica

    May 2016: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    I finished Hammered by the Kevin to Iron Druid guy. It's book three and the thing I really love about it so far is that Atticus starts with friends. Dresden agonises for ages about getting his friends hurt and wanting to go it alone, I like that there are a cast of secondary characters right...
  17. Danica

    Fantasy Character Elimination Tournament 2016 - Fifth Round (Semi-Finals)

    Snow Gandalf - but I want to say I didn't even vote for him to be here!
  18. Danica

    Titan con - the GOT con

    We had a wedding!
  19. Danica

    Titan con - the GOT con

    My husband says I can only choose one day so I'll try sort out Saturday!