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    LOL anyone want to take a nap?

    Story time for you down below! Enjoy:)
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    Minecraft anyone?

    I've been playing a little bit of minecraft with my sister and brother, they are younger and are bored playing alone so i gave it a shot. Boy is it fun! Anyone else here like minecraft?
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    Hello Community!! Need your feedback!!

    For the last 2 months i have been working on an idea to encourage kids to live, read books, and go outside. I began this journey by creating my YouTube channel AleksReader because i realized the internet is a great way to get my message out to kids. I want to know if you like my idea, and what...
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    Game Of Thrones ANYONE?

    Hey guys i've been reading game of thrones and i LOVE the books!! Im on the 3rd one... My favorite character is the IMP --Tyrion Lannister. Below right down if you enjoy/read Game Of Thrones, your favorite character, and what book you are on!!
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    Lovely way to encourage kids to read books

    Hello friends I just want you to know that i am pumped!!! If you have kids or know kids who love books.. you should Check out my channel <3 My goal is to encourage kids to read books and play outside. I want them to do many different activities, enjoy life and have tons of fun! I hope you will...