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  1. Griffin

    Kurt Vonnegut

    I sometimes see this name passing by and as I don't know anything about him I'd like to get some advice on what books to begin with. What kind of books he wrote and which ones are his best. Thanks in advance.
  2. Griffin

    The Liar's Key - Mark Lawrence

    Like I said in the other thread: Just like in the previous book there's a lot of traveling, but unlike Prince of Fools other aspects take over halfway through the book. The second part of the book is without a doubt the most fun. Florence is the economic heart of the Broken Empire. There are as...
  3. Griffin

    The travel thread

    In response to @Khartun's question about suggestions of what to visit in New Orleans I thought we could expand that idea and talk about the places we visited, what we liked, what we didn't and so on. We can also showcase where we have been, so we might learn about new places. This summer I'm...
  4. Griffin

    Uprooted by Naomi Novik

    review This book felt like a traditional fantasy book crossed over with a old (albeit slightly darker and Grimm-esque) folk tale. I liked the themes and the structure of the book (training in the tower/capital/battle+resolution). The characters are good, but I didn't like how the Dragon was...
  5. Griffin

    The Crippled God - Book 6: To One in Chains

    Chapter XVII
  6. Griffin

    The Crippled God - Book 5: A Hand upon the Fates

    Chapter XIV Can a moderator change that four into a five? I made a mistake.
  7. Griffin

    The Crippled God Book Club - Book 4: The Fists of the World

    Chapter XI
  8. Griffin

    The Crippled God Book Club - Book 3: To Charge the Spear

    Chapter VIII
  9. Griffin

    Those Above by Daniel Polansky

    Good things: - Eloquent prose - Interesting themes - Strong worldbuilding Less good thing: - telling us things, not showing us - three, consecutive chapters with people getting up and morning rituals: dull! - 2 of the four pov-characters are cardboard thin: Bas is a general but apart from the...
  10. Griffin

    The Crippled God Book Club - Book 1: He was a soldier

    The final volume and a convergence is near! Chapter I
  11. Griffin

    Dust of Dreams book club - book 4: The Path Forever Walked

    The last book untill the breach. Chapter XIX
  12. Griffin

    A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

    I give this book an 7.1 (Goodreads ***). It has fleshed out characters, quite an interesting setting and cool magicks. (revisited)
  13. Griffin

    Dust of Dreams book club - book 3: Only the dust will dance

    ...because in these books there's scant to be merry about. Cover thy spoilers!
  14. Griffin

    Dust of Dreams book club - book 2: Eaters of Diamonds and Gems

    Mind spoilers! Chapter VII:
  15. Griffin

    Dust of Dreams book club - book 1: The Sea Does Not Dream Of You

    Mind the spoilers!
  16. Griffin

    Dust of Dreams - book club

    I'm admittedly a bit further than most of the people her on the forum, apart from a few. I'm going to do something here that's just mad - I'm about to speculate about some of the hints Erikson dropped in the previous eight books and the prologue of DoD: Anyway, I'm ready to embark on this...
  17. Griffin

    So what's new on the fantasy frontier?

    I thought it would be great if we could post about all the new books, anthologies, news snippets, potential movie adaptations etc. concerning the fantasy genre. Something like this: Brandon Sanderson to release original graphic novel trilogy set in the Cosmere Brandon Sanderson has announced...
  18. Griffin

    HBO Game of Thrones Season 4 *Spoilers*

    The new season begins april 6th and they've just released the new trailer. Here it is: I'm really looking forward to it, I'm quite curious about how they'll handle all the little changes they make to the character arcs in comparison to the books.