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  1. Alice Sabo

    Small Niche? Looking for reading suggestions

    I'm about to publish a book that I think might have a very small niche (is that redundant?). I'd appreciate any suggestions of books or authors that you think might be comparable. I'd like to take a look at them for marketing purposes. And probably read them, too. It's coming of age, sort of. A...
  2. Alice Sabo

    Book 1 is 99c until Jan 18

    Lethal Seasons - Book 1 of my Post-Apocalyptic rebuilding series is on sale in the run up to the release of book 4 on Jan 18th. It is available at most retailers. You can check my website for a list of retailers - here. It has 81 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.8 stars. Thanks!
  3. Alice Sabo

    Between (Netflix)

    Just started watching this show. It's similar to Containment and Under the Dome, in that a small town/population is fenced in. A mystery ailment is killing everyone over 22 years of age. I was worried that it would be too teen angsty, but the first couple episodes held my interest. Just when I...
  4. Alice Sabo


    A cop with a partner that's an orc. Sounded good. Will Smith made it even better. Unfortunately it was very much not my cup of tea. It's grim and grimy and heavy handed about prejudice. I gave up after about 20 minutes. I had my doubts when he killed the fairy who was stealing from the bird...
  5. Alice Sabo

    Silly Typo

    I was working on a blurb for my next book and didn't see the error until my sister pointed it out. "...sewing dissension...":D
  6. Alice Sabo

    Aargghh...that mustache!

    Went to see the Murder on the Orient Express last night. There was a mustache that took over the whole show. I'm not kidding. You cannot stop staring at that hairy thing looping across his face. It had a life of it's own. I was looking forward to seeing the brilliant cast working...
  7. Alice Sabo

    Audiobook Narrator Question

    I'm planning on putting my Post-apocalyptic series into audiobooks. I think I would like an older man with a gruff voice - more Clint Eastwood than Ron Perlman. I'll be doing it thru ACX, but haven't started the auditioning yet. However, I don't listen to audiobooks myself. Would a voice like...