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    Dark fantasy / Deep characters

    Malazan is fantastic, but some people complain the characterization is weak, all though I thought they were all really interesting. Farseer is terrific. It is very dark and has terrific characterization, often compared to Sword of Shadows. It also has awesome action scenes like those from...
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    Can anyone here explain to me why DUNE is good?

    you have to keep reading. Around halfway, the plot becomes way more interesting.
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    Your suggestions for the Top 25 Fantasy Books List

    Ok I know this is not going to happen, but I really think the Blade Itself has to be taken on the list. I think people Just like it because of the gore. The writing is Ok, The plot is terrible, it's the ultimate cliche. The world building is horrid. The only thing I really like is the...
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    Best Science Fiction books (add your suggestions)

    I liked Enders Game and Dune. Otherland was far too boring and slow. If you liked Enders Game, Orson Scott Card has a new series out called Empire, which is as good as Enders Game.