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  1. Matticus Primal

    2017 SPFBO Showdown: The Eagle's Flight VS The Woven Ring

    Don't know if anyone's aware, but both @Tanniel and I have made it through to the semifinalist round this year in Mark Lawrence's Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. And, since Tanniel and I have an ongoing series of nerdy disagreements, we thought we'd have some fun with it.
  2. Matticus Primal

    Huge 2017 SPFBO Giveaway at Fantasy Book Critic

    Go check it out if you haven't already: Free to enter with 170+ books by almost 40 authors (some of which are familiar faces here on the forum). And new giveaways 3x a week until the end of July, when we give away the Grand Prize of 32 books to one lucky reader. So go get to it.
  3. Matticus Primal

    SPFBO Brackets/ Game Thing

    Think have what it takes to pick out the next Grey Bastards or Paternus in this year's SPFBO? Then put your pickin' skills to the test by selecting your top three picks from each of the ten participating blogs. There's also Goodreads lists of all the...
  4. Matticus Primal

    Odd demographic quirk in SPFBO 2017

    I, @Tanniel and @Ryan W. Mueller are taking part in this year's SPFBO (sorry if I missed anyone else), so I've of course been obsessively going through this goodreads list of the books. Mark Lawrence was kind enough to provide a demographic breakdown of the authors here, and it looks like it's...
  5. Matticus Primal

    Cthulhu-Themed Online Scavenger Hunt

    I kicked May off with the aforementioned online scavenger hunt over on my blog, complete with prizes, if anyone's interested. It's been going on four days now and no one's completed it (on person is at the very, very last clue), which either means it's too hard or no one cares. You be the judge.
  6. Matticus Primal

    Joe Manganiello's D&D Script

    I just ran across this story about how Joe Manganiello, best known from Magic Mike, True Blood, and the husband of Sofia Vergara (and who works out at my friend's gym) has written a D&D script. If you have any talents with memes, please PLEASE go nuts.
  7. Matticus Primal

    April is Read Self Published Month

    Last month I joined a group of fellow self-published authors to encourage all our collective readers to read self-published books in April. Alas, this group has done us self-publishers no favors and has cleaved pretty closely to what you'd expect: mainly YA/ romance/ romance-disguised-as-fantasy...
  8. Matticus Primal

    LOTR vs Star Wars for best movie trilogy

    This will be a one-time promotion, I (we) promise. But after meeting here on the forums, @Tanniel and I have taken our discussions out into the open waters of the internet with what will hopefully become an ongoing blog series. So catch our first discussion here, or sound off as to which movie...
  9. Matticus Primal

    Origin of vampires vs werewolves?

    I was hanging out with some non-fantasy/ nerd friends this weekend and the subject of vampires and werewolves came up, and all four of them agreed that the two species hate and hunt each other. No one could give me a good reason why they thought this, but Twilight and the Underworld movies were...
  10. Matticus Primal

    Famous fantasy dishes

    I was trying to come up with a joke menu of famous fantasy dishes but immediately got stymied. So far my menu consists of Otik's Spiced Potatoes and Lembas bread with some Butterbeer to wash it down. That's far too many carbs for my liking, so I'm looking for some other famous suggestions.
  11. Matticus Primal

    Free e-book promo case study part-two (now with better ideas)

    I'm not adding this to under my previous thread on this topic so it's more obvious for anyone looking for promo strategies. That said, that first thread has a lot of background, and I'm going to also reference (briefly) this thread on a Goodreads case study. First off, I'm deeply indebted to...
  12. Matticus Primal

    Goodreads Ads Case Study

    I'm leaving my strategies here in case any other author wants to use them or has any other pointers to employ that I missed. First off, I started with this article outlining Goodreads advertising strategies. Basically it boils down to running several ads at the same time, each one targeting a...
  13. Matticus Primal

    Gunpowder fantasy The Woven Ring free to download this week

    That's right, I'm doing a Kindle free giveaway Nov 28 - Dec 2, so feel free to pick up a copy. I promise it will be worth what you pay. Also, this Wednesday the 30th I'll be doing an AMA over at reddit/Fantasy. So stop by and ask some inappropriate questions (appropriate ones will also be...
  14. Matticus Primal

    Fantasy Author Blog Swap/ Interview Spot

    Like many of the self-published authors here, I fear I've been learning the marketing/ promotion aspect of writing after the fact. And, like many of you out there, I have created a blog to support/ promote my book. But, to get to the point of this post, I've also been reading a lot of the blogs...
  15. Matticus Primal

    Lil' help with best tagline

    I need a tagline for my novel and wanted to poll the community as to which potential ones are the strongest/ most intriguing. Despite my initial impulse to include info as to what I'm trying to get across with these taglines, I decided not to include any context since audiences don't really get...
  16. Matticus Primal

    Female anti-hero a selling point?

    This question was inspired by the list of Best Anti-Heroes from the host website, and one of the first comments was if there are any female anti-heroes. Only two were mentioned, and they were in the comments rather than appearing on the list itself. I ask because I'm putting together an...
  17. Matticus Primal

    Made up words: Yea or nay?

    A large part of writing for fantasy involves constructing an inviting and authentic world for the audience to experience, and the unique cultures of that world have a lot to do with successfully pulling this off. Since there are these new, made up cultures, it would stand to reason that they...
  18. Matticus Primal

    The Conan Drinking Game

    I have a penchant for creating quasi-inappropriate drinking games (there may have been complaints, but everyone has to admit that was the most entertaining christening in history), and have most recently turned my sights upon Howard's Conan the Barbarian. So far you should take a drink when...
  19. Matticus Primal

    World, Plot or Characters First?

    I was just filling out my goodreads author profile (about as fun as doing taxes) and one of the questions was about where you get your inspiration. While answering it I realized I had created my fantasy world at least four years before I started the plot for it. To confuse matters a bit more...
  20. Matticus Primal

    Free e-book promo case study

    Inspired by @jo zebedee 's wonderful paid promotion site breakdown, I thought I'd offer my own free e-book promotion incident as a case study in case anyone can find anything useful here. First off, I'm trying to avoid shameless self promotion, but a little background is in order to understand...