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  1. moonspawn

    Fantasy or Sci-Fi Poetry Collections?

    Clark Ashton Smith wrote lots and lots of fantasy poetry. You can find that for free online. I know him mainly for his short stories, but even his prose tend to be more poetry than prose. He was a poet first and then a short story writer second.
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    October 2016. What fantasy books are you reading?

    It is sort of character driven but at the same time it isn't. I expect character driven works to be more fluid. The plot construction is too rigid to say this is truly character driven. aSoIaF, now that is character driven; GRRM grows the story like a garden, with characters actually making...
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    October 2016. What fantasy books are you reading?

    I also said it's beautifully written. It's also mysterious and ambiguous if you want more adjectives. Ah yes, and then I should also point out that the series is highly sexualized. The city that the stories revolve around called Paradys is like Sodom and Gomorrah; the people seem to have no...
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    Have we had enough of 'epic fantasy'?

    Weird fiction actually isn't really a genre, but works (particularly short stories and novellas) from certain specific subgenres can often times be called weird fiction. Weird fiction has been lurking in the shadows of speculative fiction for a little over a century and it never really did break...
  5. moonspawn

    Female anti-hero a selling point?

    Excellent writing and inventive concepts are generally what make me want to big up a book. I don't care if a character is an anti-hero regardless of their gender. Having said that its not a bad idea at all to include an anti-hero female in your work. Just do whatever you want.
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    October 2016. What fantasy books are you reading?

    I haven't read fantasy written like In the Night Garden; the way she interweaves stories just isn't done very often. I mean other authors use the technique of interweaving multiple stories, but not in the literal sense the way she does. For other arabianesque fantasy the Flat Earth Series by...
  7. moonspawn

    Should I read more books by Glen Cook?

    When I quit the Black Company I felt burned out by Glen Cook and now many months later I still feel burned out by him. His overly terse prose serves his stories well but after a while that tired me out. I really like some of his books, but reading more of any of his books anytime soon doesn’t...
  8. moonspawn

    John dies at the end (David Wong)

    How does such an easy, breezy read like that give you a migraine? It's usually books of merit and serious challenge that gives me a headache. For example last summer I read To the Lighthouse and there was a period where I actually started to hallucinate I was concentrating so hard. I feel...
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    2016 reading resolutions

    Fantasy and sci fi.
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    John dies at the end (David Wong)

    The reviews on Goodreads really make this book sound stupid, even the positive reviews. I hear some comparison's to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which really is brilliantly humorous, but that doesn't have a bunch of dick, poop, and fart jokes like this book, which isn't exactly what I would...
  11. moonspawn

    2016 reading resolutions

    Well I kept my reading resolution quite modest and I've done well for that. I said I wanted to read more female speculative fiction authors in order to combat this stupid idea that male speculative fiction authors are better. Specifically I said I wanted to read Lois McMaster Bujold, Tanith Lee...
  12. moonspawn

    September 2016: What fantasy books are you reading?

    I feel the same way, although there was one audiobook I really enjoyed, but that was probably because the narrator was fantastic. That's interesting. I didn't know Ben doesn't read anymore. I notice that when I listen to audiobooks I tend to get distracted by other stuff and then I end up not...
  13. moonspawn

    I just bought...

    I recently bought the Secret Book of Paradys by Tanith Lee and Viriconium by M. John Harrison. Both are reasonably priced omnibus's and right now Viriconium is only $1.99 for kindle at Amazon. Both of these should be really good and sophisticated. Oh I'm so excited!
  14. moonspawn

    Book deals and discounts (post here)

    Viriconium by M. John Harrison is only $1.99 on Amazon right now. This is an omnibus consisting of four books and its supposed to be really sophisticated, so this is a pretty damn good deal. ttps://
  15. moonspawn

    September 2016: What fantasy books are you reading?

    I finished In the Cities of Coin and Spice (Orphan's Tales) by Catherynne Valente the other day and I liked it. It wasn't as good overall as In the Night Garden in my opinion, but I felt like it had a satisfactory ending with a very interesting plot twist at the very end that I probably should...
  16. moonspawn

    Which Malazan book is the best (for you) ?

    Interesting. After it's been a while since I've read a book my memory will turn pretty fog, but yet I still have compartmentalized in my head where certain events happened in a series, and I can very vaguely remember the order of events. It doesn't really run together at all for me unless its a...
  17. moonspawn

    September 2016: What fantasy books are you reading?

    Well you know I'm not the fastest reader in the world. I have to decide if a book is going to be worth my time first. You can only read so many books in a year. So many books in a life time.
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    September 2016: What fantasy books are you reading?

    The reviews on Goodreads for In the Night Garden are some of the best and most inspiring I've encountered, which is the main reason I picked it up; and indeed the reviewers actually describe the book accurately which is unusual. I haven't heard of Six Gun Snow White, but if a title can turn me...
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    September 2016: What fantasy books are you reading?

    First it was the Narrator. Then I convinced you to read the Black Company. Now this! You might as well follow me on Goodreads if this is going to turn into a habit. More people really should hitch a ride on my train!