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    A new kind of fantasy story

    sounds interesting..maybe I'll go check it out during spring break
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Just finished 'Visionquest' by Laura Tolomei
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    Types of Writing

    I've always assumed that some writers put heavy emphasis on style while others are more concerned on their intention, what they want the readers to learn from their book.
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    Cozy Chilling Bedtime Stories

    horror bedtime stories are the new fairy tales now ;)
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    Self Publishing -- Ideas of a Site

    Twitter works better than Facebook, promotion wise.
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    What do you look for in Fantasy stories?

    Character and plot..I like having some suspense to the story that gets you to keep reading until the end.
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    The Short Story Thread

    I'm glad they made a theatrical version of 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty'. Love this short story ;)
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    Insane Characters

    Sociopath characters are always books. I would want to read 'I am not a serial killer'. Sociopath characters have a lot of depth and complexities that you just have to keep peeling off
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    I just started on 'The Third Floor' by Stephani Hecht..just for Halloween :)
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Oni Devils by KB Forrest is a good one too
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    Best Manga Series

    What's a good site for it available in ebook? I get stuff from DevineDestinies and GoodReads but I never got the chance to read up on Manga series.
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    The zombie apocalypse is coming!

    In my years of grabbing horror books from GoodReads, ExtasyBooks and Amazon, it just dawned on that I have never read one about zombies.
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    Best Fantasy Books Blog

    I can't find that I often get my books from DevineDestinies and GoodReads. But now, I am interested in checking out your Mo Willem's children's books. You have certain book websites for this?
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    how big is your bookshelf??

    I have about 20 books right now, all came from DevineDestinies and GoodReads. I have wide variety of genres too that revolved around horror, mystery, scifi and adventure.
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    Cozy Chilling Bedtime Stories

    What are great sources for chilling bedtime stories? I usually get my books from DevineDestinies and currently wondering what can guys you recommend?
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    About how fast do you read?

    I think I can get done in about 45 secs to a minute. I get most of my books from ExtasyBooks that average between 120 to 300 pages and I'm usually done with each one in a couple hours. But that depends too if the book's really good =)
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    A new author who needs help...

    You can try at DevineDestinies. Not only that they have great books and authors, but also the possible opportunity to submit stories.
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    science fiction books with magic?

    I would recommend Viola Grace from She's got a lot of great SciFi stories that revolve around magic.
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    What makes you re-read a book?

    I re-read books with sort of unconventional, multidimensional characters. Right now, I've been re-reading 'Raven's Child' from Devine Destinies for the third time. Still gets me every time =)
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    Have You Read This Book?

    Hand of Fear is great. Anybody read Raven's Child by MJ Spickett? Found it on Devine Destinies and just about to read it.