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    OMNI is back

    I get weekly emails from Lithub with some of the their featured stories. One thing that caught by eye was an article from OMNI magazine - - I used to be a big OMNI fan back in the day, and it's great to see that they're reviving it. I can only hope they...
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    profile picture

    What are the reqs for creating a profile picture?
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    Star Wars Books

    Apparently OMNI magazine comes up as one of the first results for Star Wars Books. Pretty cool that they're back in action. My dad used to talk about them all the time. Link - Anyways, off to see The Force Awakens!
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    70s Horror

    Any 70's horror fanatics? Looking for something like "The Incredible Melting Man". Any suggestions?
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    Any D3 fans here? Excited for the new patch?