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  1. Jon Snow

    Audible - Question

    So you have to pay a monthly fee AND have to buy the books??? Or am I misinterpreting it. Anyone have a subscription? I signed up to get 2 free books.
  2. Jon Snow

    Recommend me a 2018 published book you've read that is good.

    Recs please. A bit out of the loop. Still reading's so damn slow.
  3. Jon Snow

    **Spoilers** Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

    I hated the ending. Though true to Hobb form, I can't believe she put me and the characters through more pain and suffering right until the end. I cried when Molly died, but I couldn't do it for this ending. Fucked. I'm out.
  4. Jon Snow

    Reviewer required for Tom Doyle's latest

    American Craftsmen and The Left-Hand Way were his previous books. Would anyone be interested in a pdf version of the concluding novel of the trilogy, War and Craft, and review it. If interested, this time there's only an e-version of the ARC, so please email and I...
  5. Jon Snow

    Luke Cage

    Anyone else seen this? What do you think? It's got really high ratings on imdb but I wouldn't put it so high. I don't think it's as good as Jessica Jones and doesn't touch on Daredevil. I also find the word nigger really offensive and I wish it wasn't used.
  6. Jon Snow

    Help us rate 2016 books

    I want to make a forum members top 10 books, however, I don't have a lot of ratings. If you have read a book published in 2016, can you please go here and add your rating. Comments are welcome but not necessary. Thanks...
  7. Jon Snow

    The Heart of What was Lost - Tad Williams

    Add your rating and comments!
  8. Jon Snow

    Bookburners - Max Gladstone

    Add your rating and comments!
  9. Jon Snow

    Most Anticipated Fantasy books in 2017 tl;dr Bookburners (Bookburners #1.1-1.16) – Max Gladstone (Jan 31st) The Heart of What was Lost – Tad Williams (Jan 3rd) Path of Gods (The Valhalla Saga #3) – Snorri Kritjansson(Jan 3rd) Windwitch (The Witchlands #2) –...
  10. Jon Snow

    Best Fantasy Books of 2016 (and Kindle Giveaway) Here it is the big one! Have any thoughts? What is your Top 3/5/10 of the year? On Facebook we are giving away a Kindle but we are also giving away one for just forum members only!!!
  11. Jon Snow

    Dead Man's Steel by Luke Sculls

    Most of the time, I just really couldn't be arsed about this. I think the world got out of control too quickly. The big bads were so easily dispatched when earlier they were nigh impossible to defeat. The ending was fine and probably an ending that fits well. 6.5 for me.
  12. Jon Snow

    Anyone read Sarah J Maas?

    Her name has been floating around but I've never read anything by her. She's is NY Bestselling author but I'm not sure how that ranks up. Seems like every 5th person is a bestselling author.
  13. Jon Snow

    2016 was the worst year in fantasy

    I'm writing an article about this. I'm really disappointed this year. While it started strong, the mid and end were all bad. If you have anything to contribute or give me ideas, feel free to add your 2 cents. I'm not asking you note down a terrible book by some new author. It's more of the...
  14. Jon Snow

    Vote for your Favourite 2016 Fantasy Book Vote for your favourite. You don't need facebook to vote.
  15. Jon Snow

    The Wheel of Osheim - Convince me

    I'm really ho hum about this series. Should I bother with book three?
  16. Jon Snow

    Electronica Type Music

    I used to listen to a lot of Rock. However for the past 7 years or so I haven't had Radio in my car and I've found that my taste in music has really changed. Still love STP, Smashing Pumpkins etc but for new music, I don't go for rock. I'm really picky. Here are two songs that I really like...
  17. Jon Snow

    June 2016: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    Tried Sorcerer to the Crown. Not sure if I like the writing style...
  18. Jon Snow

    May 2016: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    What say you?
  19. Jon Snow

    Burned by Benedict Jacka

    I mean, I like the book, but it's really not progressing fast enough for me. The world building is still very small. I want to like the series more, but still has nothing on Dresden except the fact that this series empowers women more and main character doesn't fawn over every woman. 7.0
  20. Jon Snow

    Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

    Yeah pretty good. Weird as ending though. 8.0