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  1. Myles Alexander

    Knights of Eternity: An epic fantasy series

    Hi everyone, If you're looking for some good fantasy reading over Christmas, why not check out my "Knights of Eternity" series. I've included a blurb the first two books just below. Hope you enjoy! "Book 1: In Search of the Great Dragon" Inspired by an...
  2. Myles Alexander

    What would you like to see more of in fantasy books?

    I was wondering what things you would you like to see more of in a fantasy book? Do you think there needs to be more depth in terms of the characters, plot or theme - or maybe more battles, quests, romance, for example? Looking forward to your replies!
  3. Myles Alexander

    New fantasy book - Knights of Eternity: The Fight for Freedom

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce my new ebook "Knights of Eternity: The Fight for Freedom" - a follow up to my 2014 release "Knights of Eternity: In Search of the Great Dragon" "The Fight for Freedom" continues where the first book left off, with the city of Eternity's ongoing struggle...
  4. Myles Alexander

    Authors of Shame (and how to avoid the branding!)

    ((TomTB edit - I've moved all of these posts to a dedicated thread in the marketing section, as it seems to me that they're worthy of a new thread here which will prove useful!)) In defence of self-published authors, I don't think people realise how tough it is trying to get your book out...
  5. Myles Alexander

    Knights of Eternity - an epic fantasy novel

    Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my novel "Knights of Eternity: In Search of the Great Dragon". It's the first of two books in "The Forgotten Prophecy" series, which in turn is the first part of a trilogy. The story centers around King Alectorious of Eternity and his struggle against...
  6. Myles Alexander

    Your favourite historical movies?

    Just wondering, what are some of people's favourite historical movies from the ancient times and middle ages? I'm a huge fan of Braveheart, Troy, Alexander, Robin Hood (all versions), First Knight, Kingdom of Heaven, Dragonheart (OK, fantasy, but somewhat historical), Gladiator... can anyone...