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  1. Laurentius

    PC Peter Grant wants YOU to read The Hanging Tree

    Hey guys and gals. It's that time again, and the almighty D and tenacious L wants you to join for another bookclub. In case you were wondering, it's gonna start around June 16th (or whenever you can get your hand on the book). The book we're gonna be reading is the following: The Hanging Tree...
  2. Laurentius

    Rithmatist for Junes bookclub?

    Rithmatist by Brandon 'the man' Sanderson goes live may 23rd. Should we go for it for a june bookclub? I know I'm getting the book asap!
  3. Laurentius

    March book club?

    Anything for march?
  4. Laurentius

    Best fantasy movies

    Ok, I've had to lay off the books for a week now. Read too much and needed a break after finishing Daylight War. So now, I've got an urge to watch a great fantasy movie. I don't know it it's an unpopular opinion, but though LotR are great, they are not amongst my favourite fantasy movies. My...
  5. Laurentius

    The zombie apocalypse is coming!

    Fungus that controls zombie-ants has own fungal stalker : Nature News & Comment It's an article about zombie ants! It's cool and informational reading. Prepare for the apocalypse! BAM ZOOM, straight to the moon! Anyway, for this years zombie apocalypse, I'm bringing Cold Days (to be...
  6. Laurentius

    Most epic scene (SPOILERS)

    Below I've written some, from one of the most epic scenes I can remember. It's from Raymond E. Feist's Magician, p. 579 and onwards. Don't press the spoiler tag if you haven't read the book(s). They're all awesome, so go read the book(s) instead. I'll finish it up later. Takes a hell of a...
  7. Laurentius

    Your favourite ending? (Spoiler FREE!)

    Spoilerfree post, as not to ruin any books by telling what happens. My favourite ending ever would be book 3 in the Farseer trilogy. I thought it was phenomenal. Robin Hobb does what she's best at! A top something list would look something like this: 1: Farseer Trilogy 2: Lord of the...
  8. Laurentius

    Zombie apocalypse books

    In between reading fantasy, I often go for a zombie apocalypse type book. Basically, I'm looking for recommendations, as I've run out of zombie books, and I would like to read more. What I've read so far: Day by day armageddon (+ sequel) - Best zombie book I've read so far! Dead Island...
  9. Laurentius

    Your worst read this year?

    I know this might be a poo-poo topic, and the aim is not to throw mud and other dirty stuff at books or authors, but naturally, we'll be reading books we enjoy and books we don't, and we should be able to talk about the books we did not enjoy, aswell as the ones we did enjoy. I could name a...