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  1. ABatch

    Free Audible Copies of Steel, Blood & Fire

    Message me if interested. About the book.
  2. ABatch

    A New Readers' Group

    For fans of Immortal Treachery, a place where you can hang out with like-minded folks, chat, ask questions and even win prizes! Immortal Treachery Hope to see you there! Allan
  3. ABatch

    Thinking of Writing a Fantasy Novel?

    But haven't started? What's preventing you?
  4. ABatch

    Reddit Fantasy Writer of the Day

    Is me (!) tomorrow, 07/17/19. Drop into Reddit Fantasy and ask me anything you like about Immortal Treachery -- and book five!
  5. ABatch

    Update from the author of Steel, Blood & Fire

    First, you can now get the book on Audible, iTunes, Amazon or Steel, Blood & Fire Audiobook Second, the fifth and final book in this series will be out mid-to-late summer, with cover by the brilliant Felix Ortiz!
  6. ABatch

    Doing an AMA at Fantasy Focus on Facebook

    Where I will literally answer your questions about any damned thing -- my books, comedy, politics, violence, and my sordid past!
  7. ABatch

    Grimdark Anthology

    Here's a grimdark anthology featuring short-stories by a number of up-and-coming authors, including yours, truly. My particular effort takes place in the same world as Immortal Treachery and gives a few hints and spoilers as to what's coming in the fifth and final installment! Blackest Knights
  8. ABatch

    Need Your Advice

    So, I need your advice...if you're willing. A company in the U.K. is interested in making an audio version of my (first) book, but their question is whether it should be made into two books because of its 140K+ length, or it should be somewhat abridged. Surely some of you have done this or have...
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    Spring into Fantasy!

    Treasure Chest o' Great Fantasy for 99 cents!
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    I Challenge You!

    One Chip Challenge
  11. ABatch

    Virtual Fantasy Con

    I'm gonna have a (virtual) booth there, and participate in a couple of panels -- Antiheroes and also Grimdark. Feel free to drop by...
  12. ABatch

    Anybody Wanna Guest Blog On My Website?
  13. ABatch

    Writing Question

    So, I've been reading The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch. I'm sure everyone here is familiar with it. And I came across this line of dialogue: "What on earth do you mean?" I'm not sure how to handle such lines -- either in my own writing or in someone else's work. As far as I understood...
  14. ABatch

    Immortal Treachery IV 'The Abject God' - Signed Copy Contest

    Don't know where else to post this, so, since I know many of you have read my books... I will send signed copies of the first FOUR (and eventually the fifth) books in Immortal Treachery to the person who most closely predicts who will die in next month's book four -- The Abject God. Gotta jump...
  15. ABatch

    A Bargain!

    I know everyone here has it already, but I thought I'd let you know Steel, Blood & Fire is now (and for the foreseeable future) 99 cents for Kindle.
  16. ABatch

    Shameless Groveling

    A few of you have one of these spectacular hoodies already, but I'm trying to raise money for cover art for Book Four. If you're a fan, this is for you! If you already possess one, testify, my brothers!
  17. ABatch

    Call for Artists

    I think we need more fan art -- not just of my own works, but of all the indy stuff on this forum. I am therefore offering FREE copies (Kindle OR paperback) of all three of my books (and counting) to any hardcore fantasy artists who'd like to read them. I already have a cover artist, but...
  18. ABatch

    Throwing a Little Love Back at You! Allan
  19. ABatch

    Maps in Fantasy

    I'm conflicted. As a life-long D & D player (basically since its inception) and Tolkien fan, I have always enjoyed maps and actually make a pretty mean one, myself. However, when I started reading Malazan, years and years ago, I noticed some of the books (though not all) did not have especially...
  20. ABatch

    Not So Secret Santa!

    You guys have been great to me this year, and, in return, I will buy five people Kindle copies of any one of my three books OR a Kindle copy of my friend's vampire book (see link). Wish I could do more than five, but it is what it is. The first five who message me are in, and Happy Holidays...