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    Read 2018 :

    Read 2018 :
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    2018 Reading Challenge

    1. A book by your favourite author. Ill met in the arena - Dave Duncan 2. A book by an author who's work you haven't read previously. Heroes Die - Matthew Stover 3. A book released in 2018. 4. A book released in 2008. Ill met in the arena - Dave Duncan 5. A book released in 1998. Heroes Die -...
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    Liveship Traders <> Kingkiller Chronicle

    I am reading "The Liveship Traders" books bei Robin Hobb and just stumbled over a line about a magic gimmick Did Patrick Rothfuss really borrow (steal?) his idea for sympathy magic from Robin Hobb? Did anyone else notice that or anything similar?
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    Which Malazan book is the best (for you) ?

    For me it was Deadhouse Gates. The chain of dogs was one of the greatest storylines I ever read. I also liked Gardens of the Moon. Great atmospehere
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    Fantasy Character Elimination Tournament 2016 - Sixth Round (Final)

    C'mon what are we talking about here? I mean, it's Gandalf! Know as Tharkun with the dwarves, Mithrandir with the elves, Incanus, Olorin. One of the Istari, in fact a Maia. whereas on the other sides there is .... arya... My vote clearly goes to GANDALF!
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    Fantasy Character Elimination Tournament 2016 - Fifth Round (Semi-Finals)

    maybe quite unnecessary but : 1. Arya 2. Gandalf
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    Fantasy Character Elimination Tournament 2016 - Fourth Round (Quarter-Finals)

    1. Kvothe 2. Arya 3. Kelsier 4. Mat Cauthon
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    The book you like that most everyone else seems to dislike ...

    I really like Dave Eddings works. Really nice feelgood books, where the hero has more trump cards than he can count :D Is Wolfgang Hohlbein known outside germany? He has no good reputation but I have a soft spot for him, was one of the first fantasy authors I read
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    Fantasy Character Elimination Tournament 2016 - Third Round

    1. Kvothe 2. Jon Snow 3. Sand dan Glokta 4. Vin 5. Kelsier 6. Szeth 7. Gandalf 8. Mat Cauthon
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    The book you don't like that most everyone else seems to like ...

    Oh I didn't miss that they are undead. But in which way makes the fact that Onos T'oolan is undead him more extinct or hiding? Look, maybe I am debating a bit provocative. Malazan wasn't mine, I put it away after some books. I just want to counter some arguments why one MUST love it. The...
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    The book you don't like that most everyone else seems to like ...

    But they aren't extinct! They are everywhere. The next Jaghut is always lurking around the corner. Imass? K'Chain Che Malle? Even a Forkrul Assail makes his appearance (as far as I read). That's what I mean. The world maybe old but it doesn't fell like. Everything old or mystical is right flung...
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    The book you don't like that most everyone else seems to like ...

    Well, speaken about Malazan. I started with it at round about 40 after reading (not only) fantasy for more then 30 years. I would consider myself "ready" to read. Although I tend to say, if a book needs some kind of degree to understand, then maybe its badly written...? I disagree about that...
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    The book you don't like that most everyone else seems to like ...

    Ok, the book I didn't like but I'm almost alone with my opinion : It's Malazan book of the Fallen. It had a great start, very good atmosphere, a bit confusing, but not too much. Granted, with the Chain of Dogs it had one of the greatest storylines I've ever read, but after that it was a fast...
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    New Fantasy or the question of what did I miss?

    Really? I found Gardens of the moon was the best book of Malazan. Deadhouse Gates had some great moments but after that it was a fast decline (for me). Couldnt't finish the series. Got bored....
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    "Palate Cleanser" Fantasy Books

    I found Dave Duncan has some outstanding standalone books, some quite short, so nice to breeze through between series. I am soon to finish "Wheel of Time" and will take this thread for recommendations before diving into "First Law".
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    Non-native English speakers / readers?

    Maybe the german market is big enough to hire good translators. Apart from some silly names I think we get quite good translations here. I read Name of the Wind in german and english and the german version is very good. With the names it is my believe that some words in english sound as silly...
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    Non-native English speakers / readers?

    Hey, I have some questions to you non-native English speakers who enjoy reading books in their original (English) language. Although I think me English is pretty good I have the feeling that sometimes the humor or underlying tones escape me when reading in English. And I am pretty sure reading...
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    When I reread it's usually standalone books or shorters series (up to 3 books). I don't think I would ever invest the huge amount of time to reread something like Asoiaf, Malazan or WoT. Maybe Malazan if I pick it up again. So reread for me when I finish a book and am not into a new one.
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    Long Series Recommendation

    I, too, like these discussions to get a feel what is worth reading. I just stumbled over this site some weeks ago and am really happy to find some good recommendations. Your mentioned first series are the last I read so far. ASOIAF I really like but I think I'm done with Martin... Malazan hat...
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    Long Series Recommendation

    How about Dave Duncans "A Man of his Word" and "A Handful of Men"? Twice 4 Books. Coming of Age, likeable Characters, an interesting magic system... I really liked the series, though Duncan doesn't seem to get much credit here.