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    Online bookshelf

    do any of you use any of the places online to keep up with all the books you have read? If so what site do you use and recommend ? I have all the fantasy books I have read on an old site we used for gaming several years ago.. I keep it updated, but the site is about to shut down and was...
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    League of Legends

    i was getting my LoL fix the other day and i believe i played a game with a person named tookme a little while to remember where i had seen that name before, so i just wondered if it could have been the same btkong from here .... so ... thats my question ! oh and Pantheon kills all !!
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    Power went out

    But I found a way !!
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    The King of Modern Fantasy Authors

    In a recent thread i saw Jon Snow say he believes Sanderson is the King of Modern Fantasy. That got me thinking about who else could be up for that title, and i came up with several Heavy Hitters... So in No order here are the top contenders !! Steven Erikson George R.R. Martin Joe...
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    Hello thread, and Robin Hobb Question

    Hello all, i am very excited to have found these forums, ive been an avid fantasy reader for some time now, and have very few people to whom i can share my passion with. Since finding this site over a year ago i have read several of the highly rated fantasy series. My Favorite Authors so far...