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  1. kaladin

    Dawn of Wonder (The Wakening #1)

    I found this book on Audible and bought it because of previous good experience with the narrator and the glowing reviews on Goodreads. It has a 4.41/5 average rating on goodreads (n=2754) retrived 7.5.2015. My rating: 1,5/5
  2. kaladin

    The shadow of what was lost - James Islington

    I just stumbled on this book and read it. It's good, very good. So I thought I would make a post of it to recommend it to other fellow readers here while I update my list in the listverse. FYI, michael kreamer (narrator of Jordan and Sanderson books) has narrated the Audiobook version for those...
  3. kaladin

    Tower Lord; Yay or Nay?

    For those who have started or completed Tower Lord, surely got suprised by the change of style and overall direction of the book. Thoughts? Interesting side note: I found a "Stanek Style" puppet army, about 70% of all 5-star reviews on are written by first time reviewers writing a...
  4. kaladin

    Green, S. R., Blue Moon Rising - Opinions?

    Once I stumbled on this book called "Blue Moon Rising" by Simon R. Green. I was first happy to find a fantasy book that I hadn't yet read. I checked out the amazon reviews and was further cheered up by the star M.D. of 4,5. At first I thought that, maybe, is this perhaps a parody about fantasy...