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  1. Mohammed Al Mulla

    It’s July 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    Started with The Conquerer Book 3 (Bones of the Hills).. Already 64 pages gone and a heap more remains
  2. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Lords of the Bow

    I finally finished reading the 2nd book of Conn Iggulden, which is part of the Conqueror series.. it took me around 7 months to finish the book, not because of its events but because of being occupied with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link.. which was interesting for sometime till I was knocked to reality by...
  3. Mohammed Al Mulla

    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    Never took you for a pervert lad.. O.O but a man got to watch what a man got to watch.. That was actually another part that I just missed out in the mid of my bragging about the flow of action.. the characters are like single color.. for example.. Eliot Waugh is supposed to be the kind of...
  4. Mohammed Al Mulla

    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    I just finished watching Magicians (Season 1 & Season 2).. and I really don't know what to make of it.. the story is awesome... and plots are excellent.. but for some reasons the series focuses a lot.. and I mean A LOT on sexual relationships! That they don't even have a place in the story...
  5. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Looking for a good quest adventure with monsters

    my most favourit novel in this catergory would be Malus Darkblade novels... they are awesome and have all what you need.. plots... adventures.. actions.. magic.. mystries.. worth your time from book 1 to book 7
  6. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Wolf of the Plains, by Conn Iggulden

    ha ha.. Did i ever mentioned that I love you guys all?? I never took it as on offence nor did you mentioned any offensive stuffs ^^ but I came to my first 2 enounters with "Magic" which both proof that the shaman would make a fortune out of being a fraud in the present day.. or a successful...
  7. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Wolf of the Plains, by Conn Iggulden

    Is that so? Well, i just started the 2nd book and things are going smoothly realistically so far.. to be honest, I am not sure how to accept magic in a True Story based novel, basically because as per my religion, we acknowledge the existence of magic.. and its impact on people’s life, however...
  8. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Wolf of the Plains, by Conn Iggulden

    To be honest, this was my first experience with Conn Iggulden books, and I did not know what to expect.. I love Genghis Khan and the stories of his upcoming, and that was my motive to start reading this novel.. and I was shocked by the amount of details that Conn is putting into his books and...
  9. Mohammed Al Mulla

    It's December 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

    I was reading Conn Iggluden's Wolf of the Plains, and I loved the book and I shall make a quick post for it.. it was such a quick read for me for a book of this size... as it took me only 3 months to complete ^^ (I know, for many, they could finish 10 books in the same period, but I prefer to be...
  10. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Fantasy - a male preserve?

    well, based on my personal point of view, I read Fantasy Novels because it contains things that I BELIEVE are missing from the present world.. which is concepts and codes.. these things are rarely found these days.. and you can see that many things control people, such as greed, lust, power...
  11. Mohammed Al Mulla

    PSN ID

    For those interested in sharing their PSN ID to share games, please enlist your IDs here.. And your most playing games and current games so other players may get your assistance to complete rounds or share games... My PSN ID is Biohazard6658 I usually play Resident Evil Revelations 2 and aim to...
  12. Mohammed Al Mulla

    New Fantasy Lists!

    well, i don't read it in any way.. but a vision comes to my mind whenever i see the title these days... The image of the Titanic sinking (that's the level of the new RPG games) and shattering into halves (That's my expectations in regards to having a decent Turn Based RPG Game"
  13. Mohammed Al Mulla

    New Fantasy Lists!

    :cat: you nailed him there.. right in the corner... good catch..
  14. Mohammed Al Mulla

    The Immortal Throne, for Stella Gemmell

    One thing I am amazed from is that I couldn't find more than ONE Catching Quot!! a line that can speak wisdom, bravery, evil, madness.. ANYTHING.. Except 1 line..
  15. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Your favourite historical movies?

    wow... you noticed the bleach???? WHO ARE YOU???? Troy isn't "very" bad.. but i really hated the last battle when the 2 were fighting with spears.. for GOD SAKE.. who makes a close range battle using spears??!!!!! did they run out of swords????? you just come to hate it more if you see it (like...
  16. Mohammed Al Mulla

    May 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

    You are good bro ^^ I might need like 9 months to finish Book 1.. in the meantime, i will be putting an order for the last 2 books so I would collect the entire collection.. my only chance to speed up is when I will be attending an on job training in Saudi Arabia for 5 months.. I will be having...
  17. Mohammed Al Mulla

    May 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

    To be honest.. I was hesitating to start reading the novel.. I mean.. i never read a book for Conn Iggulden before.. and did not know what to expect.. I just finished the 1st chapter (well, the intro basically), and the guy knows how to create an environment drags the reader into his realm is a...
  18. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Your favourite historical movies?

    :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: well, you know your stuffs bro.. well, i believe that even Lame Gay Based Movies would include a more manly men than this move.. just watch Alexander's face while riding to battle.. I swear the God he seemed like...
  19. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Your favourite historical movies?

    Love those.. specially Kingdom of Heaven... such a massive movie indeed... Hate Alexander and Troy.. the main characters made it look like a lame gay based movie..
  20. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Maps in Fantasy

    In my opinion.. a map is no an essential part of the book.. some might look at it out of curiosity or interest, but can't imagine anyone keeping a track of events based on the map.. however, the map gives that nice taste of owner ship.. that this is not just a story or a tale.. but also a real...