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    August: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading

    Gave up on Across the Nightingale Floor. Unbelievably boring. Hearn is horrible doing first-person and then switching to third. I only had like 100 pages left and had absolutely no desire to finish. Too bad; the concept is outstanding. Moving on to try Shadow in Summer.
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    August: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading
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    August: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading

    Just started Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn after taking the quiz that's supposed to tell you the author you're most like :)
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    Could someone point out and describe fantasy genres to me?

    Be warned though, Perdido is very heady. Be prepared for pages and pages of this world's scientific theory and China spending too much time on showing off his word-crafting for my taste. I got about halfway through the book and just quit because I couldn't stand to read one more friggin page...
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    The Seven Rays self-published author masquerading as a fan who came on the site to randomly tell us how good <unknown author> is and how much they're looking forward to their next work.
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    The Seven Rays

    I had that once, then I spent a good 40 minutes in the restroom and got rid of it, much like Seven Rays. It's a tale of seven guys named Ray that some little trollop hooks up with. "It's the next Kushiel's Dart!" exclaims the very subtle author. "It's most definitely a book!" proclaims...
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    Finals Results: Scooby Doo...Where are you?

    "I just have to hold on until Jean gets here!" *dies*-- or not. Jean's a slacker! :P Well done, Jon. And thank you for organizing everything. It's a lot of work and we certainly appreciate it.
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    July: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading

    You're in for quite the treat. There's a reason Lies is duking it out with Thrones for the top spot :)
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    July: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading

    You will be pleasantly surprised ;)
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    New to reading fantasy, need suggestions

    Definitely stick with Farseer. It's not dwarves and gnomes, but it is truly an exceptional series. After LotR, my favorite elves and dwarves series are the Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends. Epic quest party, monsters, dragons, knights, and mages...the whole shebang. They're...
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    Which should I read next?

    If after Abercrombie you're feeling the need for something lighter, Dresden would be a great choice. Great books with a nice smart-ass edge to them. They're all stand-alone stories with a couple of references to either work so they're perfect for reading one at a time between trilogies. After...
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    I just bought...

    Indeed! Most people that learn English second do a much better job writing than most native speakers... at least Americans, anyway, LOL. Of course I hold readers to a higher standard since they've seen and know how a complete sentence should be written... unless all they've read is John...
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    Joe Abercrombie vs Brent Weeks - Blogatorial Combat - Fight!

    After reading both the authors blogs, I'm very happy with my blind Abercrombie purchased. I know he gets a lot of love here and elsewhere, but you just never know if it's going to resonate. As an example, neither Terry Pratchett or Roger Zelazny caught my interest but there are those that...
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    Joe Abercrombie vs Brent Weeks - Blogatorial Combat - Fight! has an interesting thread going where Joe and Brett are battling it out on the merits of authors doing blogs. Joe is for, Brett is against. Scroll down to read Brent's first. Both these guys are pretty sharp and very funny. You can tell it's all in good fun...
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    Second Half 2009

    ...first one being The Gathering Storm. If Codex Alera is finishing up, it might be time to start that series. Good call, Kalam.
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    I just bought...

    I finally just went for it and ordered up the First Law trilogy. 3 more books for the pile! It's a good thing readers are considered sophisticated and intelligent (HA!), otherwise I'd just be called a hoarder.
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    Second Half 2009

    Heading into the 2nd half of 2009, are there any books on the horizon that you're looking forward to? Republic of Thieves got bumped. Wise Man's Fear won't be out this year. Dance with Dragons most likely will not be out this year.... what does that leave? There's got to be something else...
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    Jack Reacher series by Lee Child

    So as I read a non-fantasy book once in a while to give my brain a break and help keep different fantasy worlds separate, I came across the book The Killing Floor. It's the first in series of mystery thrillers centering around an ex-military badass named Jack Reacher. This debut has our...
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    So, I did a google search and came upon this place.

    Welcome to the party!
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    Brandon Sanderson

    Mistborn is fantastic. Sanderson did a really good job.