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    If there was a brand new Fantasy TV show

    What would you want it to look like? Got curious about this idea because most Fantasy TV talk seems to revolve around "What series do you want adapted", "Who would you cast as X" etc.etc. And I feel like that's kind of a shame as there's a ton of stuff you could do with a brand new page. So if...
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    Favourite Fantasy Cliches

    I see a lot about what Fantasy cliches we hate, but not much about the ones we love. But surely we couldn't read book after book if there weren't a lot of cliches we didn't have quite a lot of love for? So what's your favourite cliches? Me, myself, I have a lot of fondness for big gruff...
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    Post-Disaster First Chapters

    (warning - this is a kinda thinking aloud post) I've been playing around with first chapters recently and noticed I'm frequently going with the aftermath of a disaster for my first chapter. Now, I feel this is slightly unusual. Most books seem to start with either a) An "action" sequence...
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    Article by Ada Palmer on Structure

    I found this article on Tor at the start of the month and fell in love with the way she described the story telling process. I think its the first time I've seen someone separate Structure from Plot - examining When things happen and the mood they're meant to evoke as much as What things happen...
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    What makes a good book 1?

    Okay, potentially weird question. But in a trilogy or longer running series, what makes a good book 1 for you? What sort of things do authors get wrong in the situation? How much do you need a self-contained story or is it okay for it to all be set-up for the big event? And other such questions...
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    Losing the Love

    What do you do when you're writing a story and realise its no longer a story you want to tell? Soldier on? Forget all about it? Is there anything you've done to regain the love? In this case, its a bit more complicated than just the story, as it was conceived as a joint project with a friend...
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    Writing vs Storytelling

    Stumbled across this article by Kameron Hurley t'other day and it mirrored a few things I'd been thinking the other day. Thought I'd share it and see what people thought -
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    2017 Writing Resolutions

    Since @Theophania and @jo zebedee have declared they have writing resolutions in the reading resolutions thread, I thought I'd open this up to see what they were and if anyone else had some.
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    Good and Modern (help an old-fashioned guy out)

    When it comes to fantasy, I've got some old-fashioned tastes. Which is okay. But not when it comes to the exclusion of all else. And unintentionally, it has. The most recent series I've read is the First Law, and that's 10 flippin' years old. So it's time I caught up and therefore, I'm...
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    How much does magic matter to you?

    This is a bit of a follow-on from uptower's thread and a couple of other comments around here and elsewhere, and the question is ronseal: How much does magic matter to you? I ask because increasingly I find it matters very little to me. I don't care if it's innovative, or super-faithful to...
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    Non-Fantasy Palate Cleansers

    So new guy @Travis set up a pretty cool thread here - - but that's mainly about fantasy books and I've gotta agree with @SilvionNight and @Buffy V Slayer that non-fantasy books are often the best way to go. Hence...