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  1. LamiaKnight

    Does ASOIAF get better?

    I've read A Game of Thrones twice now trying to like it. I only think it's alright and am not driven to read the rest of the series. Do the later books become more exciting than the first or do they all read about the same?
  2. LamiaKnight


    Are there any good books that have one of the protagonists being a necromancer? If that is hard to come by I am also looking for good books that necromancy plays a big part in. If anybody can help me I'd appreciate it greatly.
  3. LamiaKnight

    Halo books?

    I know they're based on video games but i enjoyed the story in the games. Has anybody read these and know if they're any good?
  4. LamiaKnight

    Musical Instuments

    Who here can play an instrument, and i mean well. (this includes singing if you can sing well).
  5. LamiaKnight

    The Dagger and the Coin

    I was just wondering if anybody's read any of The Dagger and the Coin series and if they thought it was any good.