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  1. Ryan W. Mueller

    Sunweaver by Ryan W. Mueller

    Today, I released the first book in a new series. It's titled Sunweaver, and it's set in a world where a war between the gods almost destroyed the sun. Now the world has turned cold, but society has survived due to the competing magics of Sunweaving and Fireweaving. Here's the description: The...
  2. Ryan W. Mueller

    Empire of Chains by Ryan W. Mueller

    Tomorrow, June 30th, marks the release of Empire of Chains, my first published novel. It's a scary thought, but we'll see how it goes. If you're looking for more classic fantasy (more Wheel of Time than Game of Thrones), then you should like the book. Like Brandon Sanderson, I like to take a...
  3. Ryan W. Mueller

    Am I the only person who disagrees with this?

    This is from this site's main page. In my experience, I have run across very few bad fantasy books (at least among those you'll find in a bookstore). There are some books that aren't to my taste, but I wouldn't call them bad. For the most part, though, I've enjoyed almost every fantasy book...