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  1. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Lords of the Bow

    I finally finished reading the 2nd book of Conn Iggulden, which is part of the Conqueror series.. it took me around 7 months to finish the book, not because of its events but because of being occupied with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link.. which was interesting for sometime till I was knocked to reality by...
  2. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Wolf of the Plains, by Conn Iggulden

    To be honest, this was my first experience with Conn Iggulden books, and I did not know what to expect.. I love Genghis Khan and the stories of his upcoming, and that was my motive to start reading this novel.. and I was shocked by the amount of details that Conn is putting into his books and...
  3. Mohammed Al Mulla

    PSN ID

    For those interested in sharing their PSN ID to share games, please enlist your IDs here.. And your most playing games and current games so other players may get your assistance to complete rounds or share games... My PSN ID is Biohazard6658 I usually play Resident Evil Revelations 2 and aim to...
  4. Mohammed Al Mulla

    The Immortal Throne, for Stella Gemmell

    Finally, after a long long reading.. I have completed Stella Gemmell's novel, the Immortal Throne.. thanks to my PS4 and Resident Evil Revelations 2 that kept distracting me.. I just got obsessed in collecting medals in Raid Mode.. just want to be ranked 1.. don't know why.. The book was...
  5. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Pilgrim by James Jackson

    This exact novel has taken a too long time to finish, merely because of 2 reasons: - Its events >.< which I shall describe after a few lines… - Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, which made me busy hunting Soviet, Afro and Afghan’s soldiers to build up my own private army >.< which I am NOT going to...
  6. Mohammed Al Mulla

    The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2

    Alright.. here is another movie which its sequels made a thrash out of its 1st part... >.< I loved Hunger Games the first movie.. and thought that having a sequel for it would be... err.. to be honest... bad... we already know how things are going with sequels.... In this part of the movie.. I...
  7. Mohammed Al Mulla


    Caligula is a Fantasy Historic Novel that takes us back to the age of Great Rome and the reign of an emperor that had (and still has) many debutes, specially that he rules for a very short period and the historical records varies between describing him as a unique rulers and a bloodshed lover...
  8. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Malus Darkblade - The End Times (Death Blade)

    This novel comes as the 7th volume in the series of Malus Darkblade, which includes: The Daemon's Curse (by Mike Lee & Dan Abnett) Bloodstorm (by Mike Lee & Dan Abnett) Reaper of Souls (by Mike Lee & Dan Abnett) Wrapsword (by Mike Lee & Dan Abnett) Lord of Ruins (by Mike Lee & Dan Abnett) Reign...
  9. Mohammed Al Mulla

    The Weapon with the Bizarrest Powers!

    In your personal prespectives and experiences.. what would be the weapon with the Bizarrest Power that you have gone through? In my view, it would be the Dagger of Torxus from Malus Darkblade (A.K.A Reaper of Souls).. its power is to trap the stabbed victim's soul and pin it to the point where...
  10. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Calligraphy ^^

     Still need practicing ^^ practice makes perfect as they say ^^
  11. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Happy Eid to BFB

    I wish my colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters a happy Eid and many returns to many many years to come along with their beloved and dear ones...
  12. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Books Video Trailers

    While searching the Youtube, I stumbled upon these 2 video trailers for The City for Stella Gemmell and Waylander & Legend for David Gemmell.. I am not sure whether they were produced by fans or were they official lunching trailers.. but they are cool ^^ and loved to share them with you lads..
  13. Mohammed Al Mulla

    List Down the Weapons with the Coolest Names

    The nice thing in the medival era and so in the Fiction novels is that people gave their weapons names.. and even nicknames ^^ so what would be the coolest weapons names that anyone had even gone through while reading their novels? On my list are: Snaga the Sender -> the Axe of Druss the Legend...
  14. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Jurassic Park 4 (Jurassic World)

    I watched the movie yesterday, and was satisfied (partially) because it is one of the few movies which had sequals what maintained the amount of excitement and a solid story line, well, I still miss the old group (Sam Neill & Jeff Goldblum) but the new lad (Chris Pratt) has done quit well ^^...
  15. Mohammed Al Mulla

    The City for Stella Gemmell

    I just finished reading the Novel named "The City", which is wrote by Stella Gemmell, the wife of the late great novelist, David Gemmell, author of great books such as The Drenai Saga and the Regante Sage. The overall theme of the book is wonderful, she was able to create a realm where The City...