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  1. SaranderBrander

    How about another Brandon Sanderson thread? Would anyone like one? Here we go! Pros and Cons!

    I like Brandon Sanderson. I like his writing. So many strong points, and I want YOU to tell me what other author does these things so well. * complex systems of magic akin to what we observe in the nature of our own world, with clues for the reader to guess at their limits and rules. *...
  2. SaranderBrander

    The Annoyomancer! A parody of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series

    I tell ya', it is NO FUN posting my ad for my ebook here in the appropriate sub-forum! It is way more amusing to try and find ways to shamefully self promote in every other sub-forum and thread reply where I can sneak in a little reference to my own writing efforts. Not hijackin' any threads...
  3. SaranderBrander

    Fantasy humor and parody. Recommendations? Original material?

    An early morning wade through the gummy gunk surrounding the swamp I inhabit brought me crawling up to the door of the community library. That's what we called it, the severed half of a Chevy Astro van lying on its side over a few moss-mottled tree stumps. The plant matter and various fungi were...