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    Books with Magic

    There are lots of site that offers fantasy books, all you have to do is to be keen in choosing the right one that fits to your personality. You can go to E-books also because there are lots of books to choose there. _______________________ Buy Science Fiction Book Online
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    Best Sci-Fi books about Time Travel

    The Light of other Days, by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, it deals with time travel in an oblique but fascinating way. People can't actually travel trough time themselves, but an advanced wormhole-based camera system dubbed the Worm Cam allows them to view any location in the universe at...
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    Hunger Games

    I considered Hunger Games as fantasy just like Harry Potter and Twilight. They have a successful film as well as in novel books. I really love the story when I first saw the film on it and encouraged me to buy the book. At first, I maybe don't understand the flow of the story but if you will...
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    great new authors

    I still don't know any new authors for every novel. I am still not updated with it because I am more on the old authors who gives lots of contribution when it comes to novel.If ever it would be a help also to me if someone post here a new authors.
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    Best Science Fiction books (add your suggestions)

    These are the great article of Science Fiction books and I would love to see those lists and choose the right book for me. These are worth reading for. Thanks for sharing it in here. Keep us updated for other collections of book. __________________________ Books about Science Fiction
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    Best Fantasy Books Blog

    Game of Thrones actually is really a good book. It is good to start with by this kind of fantasy book and the film also. I actually quite enjoyed this but maybe because I really like the theme music.
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    Looking for an anime or Manga...would like suggestions

    The link that I am going to share with you are the Best Female Fantasy Novels. Try this site for you to see different fantasy novels and you can choose the best book for you. Best "Strong Female" Fantasy Novels (1498 books), Hope it helps.
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    Fantasy short stories

    I have read this Fantasy Short Story which was written by Neil Gaiman and it is Mirror Mask. The story is all about the story of Helena, a fifteen-year-old girl who works for her family circus, juggling, selling popcorn, and cleaning up muck. While most kids long to run away and join the...
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    Top 10 standalone books.

    I haven't read many stand-alone books but I read "The Hobbit" and "I'm Legend".These two novels are interesting and really recommended for those who loves to read. I browsed Elantris book, week ago and it is my friends recommendation and I find it interesting. I'll maybe start to read this...
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    Best Fantasy Games

    Many, many games have some form of fantasy elements. Game characters are likely to have special abilities, like being able to fly, having super strength or other powers. Final Fantasy is on my lists it is one of the longest running and most popular video games ever made. Warcraft games are...
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    Fantasy Book Rating System Explained

    This is a great rating for those who loves to read. I guess it depends on the topic that people would love to posts their favorite books that they used to read. People have different perception on what they read, so high or low rating is only a rating but the content of the book will give you...
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    Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings ***Spoilers***

    I've watched the trailers as well as read some interviews,I don't see any fan side there.I am impressed with the second episode they made but the episode 3 caught me so much happiness. It was a funny episode of all. Good job and I am looking forward for more episode.
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    New Urban Fantasy Book!

    I want to try this fantasy book and would love to know the story behind the title of it "Galdoni" and share some information on what I have read.
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    Your suggestions for the Top 25 Fantasy Books List

    Harry Potter with wizards, witches, and wonders, all set in a place every kid can identify with: school. Harry Potter has a character that kids can relate to. He's that awkward, shy kid starting his first day of school. I can say that this books will be on your Top 25 Fantasy Books List. It...
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    I am not fond of reading Horror books because I am scared and I don't want to have nightmares because of reading horror stories. Maybe, I read somehow just only the brief summary of it but I really can't read the whole story book.
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    Has anyone read "the Kite runner" or "A thousand splendid suns"?

    I have Kite Runner book by: Khalled Husseini and I'm not yet done reading this book but I can say that it is a good story though I am not Afghan but we're just all human. It was written by an author who has passion in writing this such wonderful story.
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    Best Manga Series

    I have a lot of manga stories that I really like three of these are Slum Dunk, Berserk and Naruto. They are all extremely and amazingly made the perfect plot of stories.