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  1. sarumaniac

    Places Named After Works Of Fantasy

    Neil Gaiman is from my hometown and has just had a street named after his book The Ocean At The End Of The Lane which I thought was pretty cool. Here's the link if you fancy a read. Does anyone know of any places named after fantasy...
  2. sarumaniac

    Cell - Stephen King

    Hi Just finished reading this book and wanted to see who else had? A couple of thoughts of mine on what I thought about it. If you've read The Stand I think you will be a little bit disappointed with Cell, it gets quite similar to it in parts but just not as good. Also if you start...
  3. sarumaniac

    Training for Malazan?

    Hi guys! I'm really interested in starting the Malazan series but I'm a bit put off at the same time. When you hear people speak about it they either love it or they find it too confusing or they love it and find it confusing. So to the people who have read it is it should you be quite "well...