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    Wheel of Time Math

    Ah, I skimmed and missed that. Thanks.
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    Wheel of Time Math

    If non-binary is being used for the Forsaken, what exactly is "NA?"
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    Forests in Fantasy, new oddball question

    Does the forest in Uprooted count? I thought it was well-done. Dunno if I'd call it 'iconic,' but it was a pretty neat and ominous thing. Seconding Mythago Wood. Already been described fairly well above. The actual Mythago Wood book is also my favorite book, and I make it a point to avoid...
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    Is having these as guidelines be too limiting?

    I'm honestly kind of with the OP on this one. I don't really have any rules for reading books, I'll still pick up whatever (and I just started reading Dresden Files this year), but I have veeeeeery little patience with very long book series these days. Especially a series where each entry is a...
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    Censorship warning: Lefties putting pressure on book stores to remove certain authors books

    This got my attention mostly because this appears to be a story from 2016, being treated like it's current. I recall the story from back then, but don't know that it ever had any effect. I could still -- and CAN still -- find Larry Correia, John C. Wright and Michael Williamson books at...
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    2018 Reading Challenge - Discussion Thread

    Does "A series containing two books" and etc. mean a book series with two books published currently (eventual number of books not mattering), or a self-contained finished 'series' of two books? Or does it mean AT LEAST two books?
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    It's 2018!! January 2018. What fantasy books are you reading?

    Recently got The Last Unicorn for Christmas. Read it in two days at work (shhhh). Honestly, it's a book that should probably be read a chapter or two at a time, to better appreciate its beautiful descriptions and phrasing. But I don't get a lot of time to read these days, so I figure I have to...
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    2018 Reading Challenge

    26/52 1. A book by your favourite author. The Bell at Sealey Head - Patricia McKillip 2. A book by an author who's work you haven't read previously. Duskfall - Chris Husborg 3. A book released in 2018. 4. A book released in 2008. Hamam Balkania - Vladislav Bajac 5. A book released in 1998. 6. A...
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    I Challenge You!

    I was going to do this, back before I discovered that the price was something like $80 for a single chip (dunno if they lowered it since). $80 for me to feel like I'm dying for 15min, with nothing to gain from it but maybe some youtube braggadocio? Sorry, the company will need to do something...
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    The best Trad Published epic fantasy authors who got their start in the past 4 years?

    I mean, I feel like he's making more of a general comment on the state of traditional publishing, rather than soliciting names of authors within 4 years specifically. "No, that doesn't count, s/he published 4 years AND FIVE DAYS ago!" It's not a secret that 'traditional publishing' hasn't been...
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    What would you like to see less of in fantasy books?

    Reviving this thread because I finally have something to submit for the OP that isn't just whining or nitpicking. Well, I guess maybe it's sort of whining, but then that's what the entire OP premise is conducive to. But it's definitely not nitpicking! Anyway: Anachronistic/self-referential...
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    Best 'action scenes' in fantasy

    It's interesting to see some of the replies. I agree with some of them, though I definitely disagree on a few as well. Some of my thoughts about this. Agree with Kalavan about The Aeronaut's Windlass. Those airship battles! I don't really search out steampunk fantasy, but I've read a few, and...
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    Best 'action scenes' in fantasy

    I got to thinking about this recently. Almost every fantasy book has 'battles,' but a lot of them are pretty throwaway, both narratively and in their execution. A great deal of fantasy is not really 'about' the fighting, so much as the journey the characters take, and the worlds they explore, or...
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    Have You Read This Book?

    Grimnoir is great. And it gets better. I wasn't a fan of Monster Hunter (even Correia admits the first book was sloppy, it being self-published and him being new to the craft and such), but the other stuff he has written is awesome. Good, fast-paced, fun, pretty creative use of abilities his...
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    Recommend a good Pulp-Adventure Fantasy for me?

    The Dragonbone Chair is GREAT. But it's a very slow start. I had been a Stephen King reader for many years prior to picking this up, so it didn't bother me. The story eventually gets really good, but it's a slow boil to get there. I wouldn't consider it close to pulp. It does fit the classic...
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    Recommend a good Pulp-Adventure Fantasy for me?

    Well, this really depends on whether or not you use pulp to refer to a certain era of writing, or to the style that era is famous for. I’ve seen it used pretty interchangeably in general. Some writers today even make claims to writing pulp. That said, I do agree that Immortal Treachery is...
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    Anyone else need breaks in between sequels?

    If I'm reading a series, I usually read 1 book in the series > 1 non-series book > 1 book in the series > 1 non-series book, etc. for however long the series takes. If the books are really short (Chronicles of Amber), I will make an exception. Obviously, if I'm totally engrossed (Kingdom of...
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    Have you ever intentionally avoided reading a top 10 fantasy book? If so why?

    Well, the thing is, that coffee thing makes perfect sense. Most people who order coffee aren’t really after coffee itself, but are more after the idea of coffee, which they associate with a) waking up/burst of energy/not getting caffeine withdrawals, and b) something warm/comforting. So when you...
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    Have you ever intentionally avoided reading a top 10 fantasy book? If so why?

    You know, this is actually a really good point, and you probably make the most compelling argument I’ve seen for reading this book, lol. Now I actually kind of do want to read it, just for the purposes of comparing it to what I think it is in my head, since I’ve already taken a public stance on...
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    Have you ever intentionally avoided reading a top 10 fantasy book? If so why?

    Saying 'intentionally avoided' makes it sound like I hid in a broom closet to avoid a book as it made its way down the hallway looking for me. No, I have never had a book placed in front of me, and then gotten up and run away in order to avoid reading it. But yes, I have certainly refrained from...