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  1. Zarien

    Unsouled By Will Wight

    I haven't posted in a while, I'm normally a lurker, but as you can see from my profile icon, I'm a huge fan of his work too! Glad you enjoyed it! I loved Unsouled. It's probably my favorite work by him so far. It hits a genre thats not explored nearly enough with English literature and the...
  2. Zarien

    The Crimson Vault, sequel to House of Blades by Will Wight released today!

    Hey everyone! Any of you who purchased and enjoyed House of Blades by Will Wight. He just released his sequel, The Crimson Vault today! I've read it already and it was way better than his first one in my opinion. Thanks again to all of you who have supported him before and continue to do so...
  3. Zarien

    Blood Song (Anthony Ryan) discussion

    Yeah Anthony Ryan defintely set himself up for success with how good his first book was. He did a nice Q&A on the /r/Fantasy Goodreads page because it was the book of the month for August.
  4. Zarien

    Way of Kings.

    I have to concur with the logic of judging the books individually more-so than the whole. Individually Way of Kings is just a better novel than any of his previous works. Most of that is just his experience gained from projects like finishing up Wheel of Time showing fruition. Mistborn was...
  5. Zarien

    Can epic fantasy be too epic?

    I think it depends on the material presented as well. Some Authors just "get it" or their material is done so well, that a publisher will ignore that it breaks that larger word count. I think the recent trend in self-publishing though is that you need to build a base of fans from your book...
  6. Zarien

    Have You Read This Book?

    I'm a bit in the 50/50 category here with the two series. I really enjoyed asher, and the original set of books from kingmaker, but I HATED the sequel set of the series. I'm really surprised by the stormlord hate here. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the best series, but If you had asked me to...
  7. Zarien

    At last Four Thousand Credits!

    Hmm a butler, maybe I need to post some more. I have a move coming up I have to do and I am not looking forward to lugging all these boxes >_>
  8. Zarien

    JA goes YA

    I don't know, I think i've gone through them 6 times and had no issues with them. Mainly because while the details/content of the story could have been better in areas, J.K rowling always made up for it in a way that that more experienced, and better authors struggle with at times, and that's...
  9. Zarien

    JA goes YA

    I agree, though lately I just skip the awkwardness and buy the book through amazon digitally. I definitely think abercrombie could do a new take on YA. I still look forward to reading Steel legion that sanderson did too. I enjoyed Rithmatist. My only issue with it is that I feel like...
  10. Zarien

    If any bloggers/reviewers would like to review the House of Blades eBook

    Yeah I'm actually surprised he hasn't been able to get a real outside review yet. was saying they would try to get to it if they got time to read it this July. But beyond that he hasn't had much in terms of response yet, which I guess is one of the weaknesses of...
  11. Zarien

    Lack of Participation

    This was a good thread to start because I'm seeing people post I hadn't been introduced to yet lol. I know whenever I have a lull in posting, its typically because of video games/real life. Or i'm slacking because I've been posting on another forum or two I browse. I typically try to be active...
  12. Zarien

    How Much Money Do You Spend on Books !?

    I don't keep track because I honestly don't want to see how much I spend... I think before I had an Ipad for ebooks, I would typically go 2-3 months without buying any books, because I would go on major book shopping sprees to hold myself over from my favorite authors and end up spending around...
  13. Zarien

    July - what fantasy books are reading?

    Went back and have started raymond feist's magician series and all the novels after it. I had read magician before, but never continued, so I picked all of them up and now i'm on a long journey to finish that project while waiting for stuff like the next dresden book/words of radiance/king...
  14. Zarien

    Top 50 Epic Fantasy: Agree or Disagree?

    I recently took the time to check out some of the articles, and of course, that includes the Top 50 epic fantasy list. I was actually surprised by some of the choices. Some I wholeheartedly agreed with and some puzzled me to how they made the list over others. Now, I personally have read all...
  15. Zarien

    Way of Kings confusion...

    On my iPad or I would type it out but here is the order for mistborn Elantris and war breaker are stand alone novels of his. Good reads, but separate from mistborn or stormlight, like the others said, Way of Kings is book 1 of an entire new series...
  16. Zarien

    June - what fantasy / scifi books you are reading?

    I know it was reviewed on the site not too long ago but I thoroughly enjoyed blood song. I also just finished the Ryia revelations series and that was an excellent read. I had been putting off promise of blood, but I keep seeing good things about it so maybe ill pick that up tonight.
  17. Zarien

    If any bloggers/reviewers would like to review the House of Blades eBook

    Hey everyone! So many of you have seen me discussing the eBook House of Blades before by Will Wight, whom is a friend of mine. His book has done really well on Amazon so far, and was even on their newsletter for top fantasy books released this month. He has sold a little over 2500 copies...
  18. Zarien

    June - what fantasy / scifi books you are reading?

    Yeah, noone really considers the first book as the beginning of the series. Book 2 and on each book gets progressively better. Cold days was probably one of my favorites, can't wait for the next book.
  19. Zarien

    June - what fantasy / scifi books you are reading?

    Greatly appreciate the input and I'll relay it to my friend. You certainly aren't really meant to like alin, but whether he is evil or not will be left up to our interpretation probably is all i'll say on the matter, and that goes into more detail in the second book. And as you said, leah...
  20. Zarien

    Opinions Wanted: Author's 1st Book

    Hey! Wanted to congratulate you on your book. I think wording and grammar from what I read can be one of the drawbacks, but, I did decide to get the book and check it out and it's pretty good. I'll let you know once I finish it. I'm currently balancing it and the death gate cycle books...