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  1. Anti_Quated

    It's May 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?

    I blitzed through The Lies of Locke Lamora in about three days. I couldn't put it down. It was simultaneously elegant, sophisticated, crude and utterly vulgar and I adored the hell out of it. Went in with reasonably high expectations based upon a few of the nods it got on here from Those With...
  2. Anti_Quated

    2018's What fiction or nonfiction book are you reading?

    The delicious sadism of Contrapasso doesn't end in Cocytus. You owe it to yourself to take the long, gruelling ascent through Purgatorio and on to redemption in Paradiso. Dante's personal eschatology, while far from epigrammatic and possibly too righteous in the end for some, is still a...
  3. Anti_Quated

    Forests in Fantasy, new oddball question

    The frontier forests near the Black and Thunder rivers of Howard's Hyborean age are pretty cool, along with the other 'mysterious, eerie, probably inhabited by malicious and blood-thirsty demon-apes' ones that are often nameless. Mirkwood, Fangorn, and the Old Forest are all good contenders.
  4. Anti_Quated

    2018 Reading Resolutions

    I've read bugger all this year after having a decent crack the year prior. I suspect I'll get little reading done. So, a manageable goal - finish off the Dark Tower series so I can get on with reading things that appeal more to my proclivities. DT isn't bad, and has had some quite engaging...
  5. Anti_Quated

    It’s April 2018: What Fantasy book are you reading?

    Not reading Wizard and Glass from the Dark Tower series. Wishing I was reading Malazan. Actually managed to read for the fourth or fifth time Howard's 'Black Colossus' Conan tale because I was so desperate for a quick fix while labouring beneath indomitable monoliths of work.
  6. Anti_Quated

    Forum Upgrade

    We all appreciate the effort and perseverance you put in mate. A few bugs here and there is a small price.
  7. Anti_Quated

    2017 Writing Resolutions

    Great work, Noor. I'd optimistically convinced myself of busting out the tail-end 40,000 odd to finish my Anaimon sequel over the Yule holiday break. I failed to break even a miserly 10k as we were on a family road trip. Maybe this year.
  8. Anti_Quated

    Best 'action scenes' in fantasy

    Second on Gemmell and Legend. I enjoyed immensely the siege of Lady's tower, lots of action, a firm sense of the vicissitudes of warfare, particularly all those moving parts on a large scale. I wish we'd had more of Robb Stark's battles explored in detail - I'd love to see how up close how much...
  9. Anti_Quated

    It's October 2017 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    Completed The Drawing of the Three and moved on to The Wastelands. I'm enjoying it, with a few minor grumbles along the way that are more to do with my personality. Mr King's success I finally understand, leastways based on how cleverly composed Drawing and Wastelands have been thus far. I do...
  10. Anti_Quated

    Books You Finished That You Wish You Hadn't

    Most of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Some I enjoyed, some were just nonsense and tawdry, salacious tripe.
  11. Anti_Quated

    What Movie or TV show are you watching?

    Stranger Things Season 2. Blitzed over the weekend. Thoroughly satisfied. Steve Harrington is a fucking legend. And Dustin. Man that kid is hilarious.
  12. Anti_Quated

    Anyone else need breaks in between sequels?

    Depends on the series. Didn't need it for Black Company, was a necessity for Broken Empire, and am considering it for Dark Tower.
  13. Anti_Quated

    Recommend a good Pulp-Adventure Fantasy for me?

    Conan's had plenty of mention; @Amaryllis noted that Howard wrote more than just the brooding Cimmerian of great mirth and great sorrow. Howard's Bran Mak Morn as the last heroic King of the Picts is an excellent read, if a bit short, and the other characters are equally well-versed in adventure...
  14. Anti_Quated

    It's October 2017 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    More than halfway through Drawing of the Three. Initially I was feverishly smashing through, really engaged even though I loathe junkies and have zero sympathy for addicts. Call it a lingering, small measure of good-will cultivated by shit-heel no-hopers like Marron Shed and Asa from Black...
  15. Anti_Quated

    Forum Upgrade

    Today is the first day I've actually gotten access through to the site without a 502/time-out error screen since the 29th. Good to see it's functioning again. Fingers crossed you don't have any more technical issues before the big upgrade Ben.
  16. Anti_Quated

    What would you like to see more of in fantasy books?

    Blood bowl. Hahahaha. Memories. Just like Mutant League Football/Hockey. I've another 'like to see'. A fantasy world bereft entirely of humans. No humans (or human substitute creatures like Elves/Dwarves/etc) whatsoever. Only weird, fucked up amalagations of primordial things that slither and...
  17. Anti_Quated

    What would you like to see less of in fantasy books?

    The word 'gritty'.
  18. Anti_Quated

    It's September 2017 - What fantasy books are you reading?

    Finished The Gunslinger. I was rather ambivalent toward it until the duel with Cort. I had Morricone's soundtrack for Il Buono, Il Cattivo, et Il Brutto - got to The Ecstacy of Gold just as Roland's grim smile stared down the pugnacious disfigurement of his mentor. And then, I was sold. The only...
  19. Anti_Quated

    What would you like to see less of in fantasy books?

    Close. Classical Greek term - the hilarious example where Athenians would call Macedonians (Persians and many others as well were given this dubious epithet) 'barbaroi', and regarded them as uncivilised wretches and primitive, unwashed louts. Within a century the Macedonians became the mlitary...
  20. Anti_Quated

    What would you like to see more of in fantasy books?

    I'd like to see a reversal of fortune and fate. Take a thankless, truly unpleasant villain, one seemingly crippled with envenomed contempt, belligerence, and malevolence, and have the proverbial holes in their armour filled not with bile and hatred and self-loathing but a slow accession and...