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    GOT: Spolier Warnings So this may have been a given anyway, but the shows writers have confirmed the show will be ending the same way as the books. So although the route might be different, when series 7 rolls around in 2017, it...
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    End of an era.

    Such a shame to see him go. I was reminded of this article a few years ago, I think it does a better job of doing him justice than anything I could write here Suffice to say he'll be sorely missed.
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    The secret TV pilot of The Wheel of Time

    It's a real adaptation of the prologue to Eye of the World but not a proper pilot for an actual TV show. It was made so that the company that owns the right to adapt the books could keep those rights as they were due to revert to Harriet McDougal (Mrs Robert Jordan) a few days later. So there...
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    A Robin Hobb question(s)

    Excellent, I think that's a resounding "YES" from everyone there, good to know! Now to just try not to read them all in one go then...
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    A Robin Hobb question(s)

    So I've recently finished Royal Assassin, book two of the Farseer trilogy and I loved it, much better than Assassin's Apprentice in my opinion and I'll definitely be going on to finish the trilogy with Assassin's Quest. My question is this: would those of you who have read the rest of Robin...
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    Best Sci-Fi books about Time Travel

    Hyperion has some interesting ideas on time travel, and its a great book to boot, definitely recommend.
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    Recomend me....

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury perhaps?
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    Help me out please? Printed vs Digital Books

    xkcd: Book Burning
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    Any reading goals for 2012...?

    Should this be true, i shall revise my goal to: Nearly finish Wheel of Time.
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    Best Horror Movies (add your suggestions)

    The Thing and The Fly. The practical special effects really scare the bezeejus out of me.
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    Best Horror books (add your suggestions)

    Most Stephen King i've read isn't that scary, or have been let down towards the end in my opinion, particularly his larger books, such as The Stand or IT. BUT, havign said that, Misery and Salems Lot were good books and the scariest I found. Also try Metro 2033 by Dmitri Glukohvsky (I think...
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    Any reading goals for 2012...?

    I have already failed my goal, sod Acacia, there are too many things i want to read more. Maybe ill come back to it later, but i doubt it. New Resolution. With A Memory of light scheduled to come out in October, i'm going for: Finish a wheel of time.
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    Any reading goals for 2012...?

    Finally finish Acacia by David Anthony Durham. I started reading this in 2010, got a third of the way through and gave up there. I always meant to go back, but never brought myself to do so.
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    Top 25 Stand Alone Books

    The first half of The Stand is the great half of the book, but lacks any real fantasy elements, and therfore cant really be included on this list. The second half, the bit with the fantasy, was awful (particularly fantasy elements), and so once again has no place on this list.
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    What is the best RPG?

    Final Fantasy IX is the best RPG for me, pi've played it over and over and still love it!
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    Best Science Fiction books (add your suggestions)

    The Player of Games is a favourite of mine, and its a great start to the Culture Novels by Iain M. Banks The Culture series is a great one, and every novel feels quite differenet to the last, so there should be something for everyone (but so far, Player is the best).