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  1. Amaryllis

    Best 'action scenes' in fantasy

    I got to thinking about this recently. Almost every fantasy book has 'battles,' but a lot of them are pretty throwaway, both narratively and in their execution. A great deal of fantasy is not really 'about' the fighting, so much as the journey the characters take, and the worlds they explore, or...
  2. Amaryllis

    Best Ending

    Kind of a dual topic. So, endings seem to be the most contentious parts of a lot of books. In fact, I have practically never seen an ending, in any media, that didn't have some sizable contingent of people complaining about it. I have no doubt that it's hard to do. I mean, you have differences...
  3. Amaryllis

    Errors on the main site

    It's possible I'm just blind. I haven't scoured the site with a fine tooth comb looking for a functionality or anything. But is there an official place to report this stuff other than pestering the site admin with tons of e-mails? I stumble across a huge number of these.