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  1. Darwin

    Royal Road

    Has anybody else tried Royal Road? The entries in the site are mostly litrpg, wuxia/xianxia, etc. themed, sometimes with distressing anime tropes like harem-building. Some of the stories on there are pretty good. I liked Mother of Learning, Savage Divinity, and The Wandering Inn a lot! The...
  2. Darwin

    Ready Player One movie (spoilers!)

    If you do not want the movie or book spoiled for you, please refrain from reading further.
  3. Darwin

    Phrases with secondary meanings that trigger something for you.

    "He took a larger bite and munched on it without relish." --The Blade Itself So what'd he use, ketchup? Mayo? Mustard? I can't see the phrases "with/without relish" without chuckling at the image in my head. Am I just weird, or do you do this to? What are the phrases that distract you for...
  4. Darwin

    Noobs or Pros, which type of char do you prefer?

    Most of my favorite characters in fantasy begin the story as either completely inexperienced "noobs" or as world-weary, highly effective professionals. I've found myself wondering which characters I prefer: Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione or Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort? Jezal, Artee, and...
  5. Darwin


    Has anybody tried this genre? Some of these books are very highly rated on goodreads. A friend recommended Survival Quest, and I just finished the first. The repeated notice whenever the character gained experience or skills grew tiresome, but there was something fascinating about the whole...
  6. Darwin

    Your favorite characters: which actors would you like to see play them?

    Bored, just for fun: Chris Pratt = Mat Cauthon Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford = Hari Michaelson Dwayne Johnson = Tul Duru Thunderhead Christoph Waltz = Glokta
  7. Darwin

    Creativity crowdsourcing for amateur authors I hope this is ok, but I wanted to advertise a new thread I created to be a resource for all the other people here who might be stuck at the early stages of their writing. Share your ideas to receive help and feedback, and/or...
  8. Darwin

    Idea Crowdsourcing

    Is there any interest here toward helping each other develop our unfinished world-building, magic system, plot twist, etc. ideas? I've wanted to start a writing project for years, but I haven't had the time or proper inspiration to even generate a complete outline. I have no delusions that...
  9. Darwin

    Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie

    What did you guys think? I was super excited for this book, because Abercrombie does death, violence, and loss better than just about anybody. A book of short stories with characters that don't need to live past the end of their chapter? Hell yes! The book provided nice insight into the...
  10. Darwin

    The Magicians (Lev Grossman) TV show

    Did anybody see the pilot yesterday? The reviews look alright, for a Syfy channel show at least.
  11. Darwin

    Everybody loves icecream!

    I've been using the Nook app for PC to read epub files for a while. After looking around a bit today, I decided to try the Icecream Ebook Reader software, and I like it loads more. The pages actually look nicer, the software is faster, and everything seems better organized. Also, it loads as a...