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  1. Laura J Drake

    So...character names

    Character names are always, a problem. I too have a lot of <last name> marks in my writing. For modern or science fiction writing the phone book is a good place to find name partially last names or sometimes place names. Otherwise using cultural names work well for fantasy settings.
  2. Laura J Drake

    January 2015: What are you reading?

    In spite of ordering issues, I finally received my copy of Dead House Gates by Steven Erikson and The Last Wish by Andrzej Saplowski. I’m looking forward to reading both of them.
  3. Laura J Drake

    Your favourite animal character in fantasy literature?

    always loved Boo, but Aslan will always be my favorite:)
  4. Laura J Drake

    Caption This

    "What do you mean I ruined Christmas. What's Christmas?"
  5. Laura J Drake

    Sanderson versus Martians versus Dresden

    I've only read Dresden out of the three, it is a good series that gets better as it goes on. :)
  6. Laura J Drake

    Never Again List

    Terry Brooks When I was younger I thought I could tell a better story than that. I picked some of his later works, still think I could tell a better story. :)
  7. Laura J Drake

    Diagrams of story structure

    This was good and funny. Thank for posting it. :)
  8. Laura J Drake

    Keywords for your published works

    I would think that if you use some generic keywords that describe you work and a keyword or two that is specific to you work. That would allow someone to find it initially but switch keywords went trying to find it again. Mind you this is a theory, I have yet to test it out myself.
  9. Laura J Drake

    It's December: What Fantasy book are you reading?..

    I waited until the contest to read Skin Game. Well worth it. :)
  10. Laura J Drake


    Ok that is adorable. thanks for the laugh :)
  11. Laura J Drake

    Do you prefer physical or digital books?

    I'm a book fondler, I admit it. Nothing like the feel and smell of books, new or old. :)
  12. Laura J Drake

    Caption This

    This space station is insignificant compared to the power of my force.
  13. Laura J Drake

    Gardens of the Moon - Prologue and Chapters 1 and 2

    I finally finished the book last week. After getting use to the multiple groups and povs, I enjoyed the story. Part of my problem was that I kept feeling that I landed in the middle of the series, not at the beginning. Fortunately I love complicate plots and sub plots and look forward to the...
  14. Laura J Drake

    BFB Twitter Users

    Actually you found me first on twitter. So I came over to take a look. I enjoyed the forums and so I decided to join. :)
  15. Laura J Drake

    Your favourite fantasy author?

    Jim Butcher - Dresden files a flawed and wonderful character in world that could almost be real. :)
  16. Laura J Drake

    November - What fantasy book are you reading?

    Thank you. The spine said witcher 1 so i thought it was the beginning. :)
  17. Laura J Drake

    November - What fantasy book are you reading?

    I'm had a hard time at first with the multiple groups and multiple POV, but now that have gotten use to it i'm enjoying it :)
  18. Laura J Drake

    November - What fantasy book are you reading?

    That is why I chose it. i'm about 400 pages in and so far so good :)
  19. Laura J Drake

    November - What fantasy book are you reading?

    Hello Everyone, I'm working my way through the Garden of the Moon by Steven Erikson, then I will be reading Blood of Eves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
  20. Laura J Drake

    GUESS THE WEIGHT COMPETITION! (not my weight, this time)

    She is adorable! :)