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    They're Back!!

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    Economics (from December fantasy thread)

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    Instrumentalities of the Night

    Can anyone tell me with the publication of the latest, Working Gods' Mischief, is the series completed or is there more to come? I don't want to start the series if it's not finished and the little bit of info I can find on it seems to indicate that it's completed with that 4th book.
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    What sub-genre is this. . . ?

    If the story takes place on an alternate world (not Earth), but includes zero fantastical elements, no magic basically, but could include biologically plausible creatures? I recall BFB's main page having an entry for this - but I've checked them all and don't see it now. I was thinking it was...
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    Have you seen this insanity (if you haven't, don't do it, seriously, don't)? Absolutely nothing about this movie makes any kind of sense whatsoever, however, the fish scene. . . Dear God, the fish scene. . .
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    Self-Publishing Thoughts...

    I've been seeing an awful lot of posts come out of this forum lately, which has lead me to posting this. I put this in its own thread simply to avoid derailing the other topics, though it could have fit in other places, as it's all about self-published authors gaining the trust of readers. I...
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    Nympho, vol 1 & 2

    I just finished watching these two films (don't read the plot section there, it's very thorough and will spoil the movie for you). Also, the two films are one continuous story that should be watched back-to-back. The story is simply split in two, with no sort of transitions and/or reminders of...
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    Spartacus, the series

    After finishing up The Borgias, I moved on to Spartacus, and - holy hell - this thing is stunningly awful. How the hell did this make it to a second season? :banghead: I've only watched the first 3 episodes, but before dumping it, I thought I'd ask if there's any reason for me to continue...
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    The Borgias

    The Borgias was a Showtime series (was cancelled a season short), which if you missed it, and you really enjoy the intrigue aspect of Game of Thrones, is something you should really check out. I just started season 2 of this last night and it's great. I mean, the over-acting can be a bit...
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    Used book swapping

    Apparently this is a thing on the internet. Anyone here have any experience with these swapping sites? Any idea what are the best ones to use (give the best deals, have the widest selections/largest user base, etc.)? I've been thinking about making use of these sites to get my hands on books...
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    Fantasy Overdose...

    I think I've gone and overdosed on fantasy this year, having read practically nothing but that, going so far as to read only 6 non-fiction books alongside the fiction. I suspected an overdose when I read Abraham's Long Price Quartet and didn't enjoy reading the first book nearly as much as I...
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    Shannara on tv...

    Terry Brooks and MTV... I can't imagine a worse possible combination to make a watchable television series. Oh wait, then they go and throw the director of such fantastic gems as Cowboys & Aliens in the mix, along with the team behind such wonderful gems as Smallville and other great CW...
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    Earthsea: Trilogy or Saga?

    So, I've been reading the Earthsea Trilogy and well, it's been just absolutely, mind-numbingly boring and amazingly awful. Not surprising really, as there are very few fantasy books written before 1990 that I actually like, and this was written back around 1970 before people knew what good...
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    Why have you forsaken me...?

    This seemed the most appropriate place for this so... I got a call from my local library today. For the first time ever, they have failed me. I tried to get them to find all the Malazan Novellas by Erikson, but they could not find the first or last one. Guess I'll have to buy those...
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    Why Facebook?

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    Can an author get some feedback? (where, that is)